Monday, October 3, 2011

Lessons from wheelchairs and power sticks

Dear Readers,
So This is how I have to start blogging. Late at night, using the app! I just can't fit time in between ballet practice and school... But it is all going so well! I have lots of tests to study for, and the ballet is this saturday, but I feel like this has been an amazing school year so far!
It really has always been my dream to be Cinderella-I don't think I can stress that enough!! And it really has been these girl's dreams to be ballerinas. And all of it is coming to fruition!

God is so good. But yet, on Saturday we were all very weary. I was nervous to head back the next day. But Galations 6:9 literally popped into my hands, and reminded us all to continue to do good and NOT GIVE UP.

Whatever is going on in your life right now, please just don't give up!! If you stick it out, you'll soon reap a harvest.

And if little girls can shriek with joy to be 'dancing'- yet not even leave their wheelchair, can't you be content (and even joyful) with whatever is handed you? I know this can be hard, but it has to be worth it, right? Just a few insights I needed to share. Your blogger who desires to be content,
PS- these kids are teaching me so much...why do people throw them away? It tears me to pieces. Please pray for special needs orphans this instant.

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