Sunday, October 9, 2011


I can't even put to words how amazing it all was. Really, I can't. I have never seen something as beautiful as it was to watch these precious kiddos dance up that stage in their glittering costumes and bright makeup. I've never heard such a sweet sound as when kids who can't speak shrieked for joy at the sound of the music. I don't think I've ever encountered someone with as genuine joy or as big a smile as all these children had...getting to dance for the first time. And the moms (mine included!) were weeping for joy as they saw their kids shine. It was the most heart breakingly beautiful thing. Truly a glimpse of Heaven- where the obstacles that are daily in these kids' lives evaporate, and they can do everything.
    And I was Cinderella. I still can't even wrap my mind around that! Just my dream for life...finally come true! And yet, as I was watching the play, and dancing, I felt like the big deal~the big dream come true~ was that these kids could finally dance. That was what I cared the most about, and it was what made the show so beautiful. I had been extremely stressed all week about my acting skills, only to find out yesterday that it didn't matter. Really, what mattered was that these little girls became ballerinas, and that they felt beautiful. And even though Mrs.Caroline had to make an on-stage appearance, even though my acting might not have been the best- the show was the most amazing rendition of Cinderella ever.

  God has done miracles throughout this whole production, and my faith has grown and stretched. Where girls came in to class believing they couldn't do it, they left that production knowing that not only can they do it, but they are beautiful at it. That's how I feel. I CAN do whatever God calls me to do- wherever it is. I quit a sign language choir I was in for a few reasons, and one was because I just couldn't miss any of our ballet classes. It was a very hard choice for me, but I couldn't feel more thankful for doing it than I am right now. I think this is where God wants me, in this ballet. So here is  where I'll gladly stay! I feel so much love for all these kids...for this program! We need to have them all over the country, even the world! My heart is so thankful to God for making this happen. Now, I'm not sharing too many pictures, but here are a few...
My mom's hairdresser volunteered to come do the little girls' hair and was the sweetest thing and the little girls were thrilled! I truly felt like Cinderella with my hair all done up perfectly! Thank you, Mrs.Victoria!

My sweet mother and the fairy Godmother- who made this show come together! (well, and Mrs.Caroline! :))

The evil stepmother with the one he did this for

Mason and two sweet girls at the ball

"Thank you, Fairy Godmother, for my beautiful gown and glass slippers!"

The midnight clock and I riding in the most beautiful carriage far in the future  wedding has a lot to live up to! :)

The prince and Cinderella with the cutest Winter fairy! (who doubles as a mouse- this little girl was precious!)

Cate and I before the dress rehearsal..

The fairy Godmother and one incredible Duke

We were so thankful Grammie flew in for the play!

Benjamin was a wonderful Gus Gus!
It is just so beautiful, isn't it? Did you see us on the news? That was another God-given gift! Benjamin, who the camera is drawn to, even got a chance to talk! I hope you enjoyed glimpsing these dreams come true. Your Blogger who is ever thankful,
 Claire    Here is the  link!


  1. Hi Claire!

    What a wonderful surprise to find you in blogland, too! You are so right.. it is so difficult to find the words to express how amazing Saturday was, yet you did with both your words and heartwarming photos! We are still trying to process the entire experience as it stirred so many emotions.

    I enjoyed browsing your blog and will definitely be back for more. How great that you stamp and make cards, too! Though I make many cards, I am truly a scrapbooker at heart! Just this morning, Sabrina was looking over my shoulder at your blog pictures and asked when she would be able to see Claire. We also feel blessed that we have met you. We hope to see you again soon, too!

  2. I agree that while I started out thinking about Codys' performance or my mouse hats or the ability to control and guide those little red birds, in the end it did not matter. The children were so inspiring that the focus on ME disolved completely as I became amazed by what happened on stage. And you Rocked Cinderella!!! What a journey for this old bird. Ha