Sunday, July 29, 2012

Love one another!

Dear Readers,
    I have rewritten this post a couple of times because I have a lot to say, but am not quite sure how to say it.
   So here goes...
I think it's very important to stay in touch with people. God places people in your life for a reason, and if you live everyday keeping your blinders on focusing on just your own will miss out on a lot of the blessings God has in store for you.
       "And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another —and all the more as you see the Day approaching." ~ Hebrews 10:24-25

         I've always looked at this verse and only thought about it in the context of "don't stop going to church." But I now think it means a lot more than just that. Encourage each other-- call your friend for no specific reason. Hug your dear ones tight!! Write a letter/email to someone who you know is going through a hard season. And, most importantly, remember to pray for these people who God has placed in your life and who you love so much.
   Especially after coming home from Argentina, I have realized how important it is to stay in touch with dear ones. I want to talk with my host family in Argentina every day because I so want to be a part of their lives. It makes me sad to remember how I was in their lives everyday and now they are doing things that I don't even know about because I'm here and they're...there.
   You know the song "Blessed be the name of the Lord"? It says "You give and take away...You give and take heart will choose to say...Lord, Blessed be Your Name!" I have to try to remember to thank God for allowing me those two weeks with them, instead of sulking over the time I now have without them.
   I had a small group leader in fifth and sixth grade who was the biggest encouragement to me. We talked about everything...and continued to be friends even after she was my small group leader. We would get together on Sundays and talk before church, and we emailed back and forth all the time.
    She and her husband recently moved to Ireland as missionaries, (please pray for them!) and today I was chatting with her on Skype (even though it was midnight over there!). It was such a blessing to be able to talk to her face to face!! I've really missed her.  

     Even though I'm not in Ireland with her, or in Argentina with my host family, I know that God still placed these friends in my life...and they will continue to be my friends, no matter how far away we live from each other. Even if I never talk to any of them again (thanks to technology I am fairly certain that will never happen, praise the Lord!) I know I can still do what Hebrews 10:24-25 commands.   I can still pray for these dear ones. Isn't prayer the biggest blessing? Whenever I pray for my dear ones in Argentina I feel like I'm right there with them...because prayer does make a difference, readers. A bigger difference than standing right next to them and giving them a hug ever will.

     But, oh, I am so grateful for my dear ones in AZ who are right next door for me to squeeze them....because this girl does love a good hug! :)

  So. I hope my ramblings encouraged you to keep praying for your friends, no matter how often you see them. Keep spurring one another toward good deeds, and loving one another always. Much love,


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Snapshots of a life...

These are all raw pictures of Marcia. I haven't edited them to make it look like sunshine is coming through, I haven't blurred out the orphanage background. This is her. This is her reality.
Sometimes I don't even know what to pray for her...a lot of times I have to just trust that God hears my moans for her and understands because, honestly, what can I say? Her chances of adoption are so slim...and even if she is adopted it will take so long...sometimes I wonder if God's plan for her is the same fate as so many other orphans. My heart cries out for Him to give her a family! She can't die alone. That would be so wrong, so unjust. Yet it is the fate of so many...
Marcia deserves someone to tell her she is beautiful.

I question people every can there be so many? Surely more people are able to adopt? I ask my parents. Surely more are able...yet they don't come. Is her diagnosis turning you away? Or is it her age?

When you are in Heaven and God asks you why you didn't help her, are you going to look into His eyes and say "I just couldn't handle Spina Bifida!" When you meet her in Heaven will you tell her "I'm sorry I didn't adopt you--you were just too old. You weren't cute enough. You couldn't walk. That was all!" Is that really what you will say??
Choose now to make a difference before it is too late. Help Marcia before it is too late.
(Taken from
That picture above isn't dramatized...this is her reality.
She deserves so much more than that!
This child deserves to be held, and loved!
Marcia deserves someone to play with her...
She deserves someone to take dozens of pictures of her--not just referral pictures--pictures taken out of love.
Marcia deserves someone to tell her "You can do it. You are beautiful. You are important."

Will you be that someone for Marcia?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy summer, y'all.

At Bearizona...
Dear Readers,
Summer is always one of my favorite times of the year. Whether we are home while Mason recovers from surgery, or out and about traveling, my parents always seem to find a way to make each summer one to remember. This summer we were blessed with the opportunity to spend two weeks on a mission trip in Argentina...and then to celebrate Uncle Len's graduation by taking him on the long-awaited L.E.G.G. (Len's extravagant graduation gift, haha!)
After all of our wonderful travels, it was nice to come home and just be.
This past Monday my parents made yet another amazing memory for our summer. We spontaneously went to Flagstaff for the day! While we were at a birthday party, my dad went home and packed. Then- surprise!- we drove up and spent the night in a hotel. I was so surprised and glad to be there with my Dad (he has a clinic and is up there every month) that it didn't matter that the clothes he packed for me was a white t-shirt, haha.
Mom took us out to Bearizona, which is incredible. Bears, bison, wolves, bighorn sheep, and burros came right up to our car!

Picture courtesy of Carol Shrader :)
A summary of our amazingly spontaneous day in Flagstaff!
Then we hung out the rest of the day....going to Starbucks and Barnes & Noble, reading in the park, searching for (and finding!) our dear friend, Kate...and finally picking Dad up again and driving down the mountain.  Flagstaff will forever feel like "summer" to me!!

I just realized that I never posted pictures of our L.E.G.G. trip!! Part of the reason for this would be that my camera was having technical-difficulties during the trip, and another reason would be because 99 % of these pictures are silly ones of my family and I. Aren't those the best? :)
The hotel we stayed at was whimsical and relaxing....

Here's Cate with her favorite, Marie! This girl LOVES Paris. Ooh-la-la!

What would a trip be without a TON of funny self portraits??

I liked this one...


take two...

My all-time favorite show!!

more these people!


My two favorite princesses!

On Castaway Cay...ahh, the beach!

A bit overcast, but still beautiful!

haha! Whenever we waited for the show to begin, we would take silly pictures

Add caption

So. There you have it--our summer in a nutshell. It's been crazy, busy, fun, life-changing, and relaxing all rolled into one. I hope your summer has been the same!
Now, onto the homeschool convention, and a new school year!
Much love,
Your Blogger Claire

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Baby Mine...

Dear Readers,
   Today I am participating in a "Blog Blitz" for Reece's Rainbow....this is where bloggers from all over our little RR 'family' is coming together to shout out for 63 children who have been listed on Reece's Rainbow for years. They have been passed over, laying in cribs all these years, waiting for a family who never comes.
   I can't convince you to adopt. My blog posts, Facebook statuses, and ramblings probably won't change anyone's heart. So I'm going to let the children do that today. I'm going to show you the pictures of these precious children and let them tell you their story...

Sweet Tina. Isn't she beautiful?

  When you look at Tina's picture, what do you see?  She is beautiful...she has captivating, blue eyes, and hair that would be gorgeous long and flowing. But there is also a grimace on Tina's face. She doesn't seem to be very happy...But then again, why should she be? Tina is in one of the poorer orphanages.  Sadly, all of the children here are malnourished and small. They are immediately transferred at four years old. My Prayer Warrior child, Marcia, was transferred a few months ago. The effects break my heart. Knowing Marcia is in a mental institution right now makes me sick. Absolutely sick. You can stop this from happening to Tina. She still has a chance! The children in Tina's orphanage are in dire need of being rescued. Please do something before it is too late.
    Tina has Fetal Alchohol Syndrome. It's not fair that she is in that orphanage right now because of a mistake her mother made. But her adoptive mom who I know has to be out there can make sure she's not put in a mental institution because of the mistake she made. 
   "Dear Mama,
      Where are you? I don't understand why I'm here all alone...I need you right now! I'm hungry, Mama. And I'm so cold...please come and pick me up! I'm tired of laying in this back is so sore! Oh, Mama, I know you are going to come. I just know you are on your way. I want you to know that it's okay that you're taking so long, I forgive you. I love you anyway, Mama. I'm waiting for you, Mama....waiting....waiting...." ~Tina 

Here is Alexandra. When I first saw her, I thought she was a baby, she's so tiny. But actually, she's a five year old with Oestogenesis Imperfecta, or Brittle Bone Disease. Despite the name "disease", this isn't a terminal illness or even contagious. OI simply means that her bones are very fragile.  Because she is in an orphanage without proper care and therapies, she is unable to walk or sit up.  Due to her OI, a fall or even a hug that's too tight could break her bones.  I'm worried that the reason Alexandra has been listed for so long is because her special need seems too "big". Families might look at this tiny, fragile little girl and feel  afraid. "What if I pick her up wrong and she...breaks?" "What if she falls out of bed when I'm not looking?" "What if I hug her and the results are disastrous?"

 The possibilities seem to be endless, and they turn away from that sweet little face because they are too afraid of hurting her.  But what do you think is worse, friends--laying in that bed all day, having no loving family to interact with, no hope for the future, and eventually death in an institution, OR having a loving family, having hope for the future,  and, most importantly, being able to LIVE--with a few broken bones here and there? 
   There are solutions so that your child doesn't break bones everyday. Wheelchairs so falling isn't such a threat. Bedrails, toilet rails, shower chairs--so your house isn't such a danger to her. And as for hugs, how did you know not to slap your newborn's head? Education and common sense goes a long way. Yes, there may be broken bones, tears, misunderstandings, and pain in Alexandra's future--but isn't there in every child's? If she could tell you, I know she would say she would rather have your imperfect family over no family any day.  Broken bones can be casted, fixed. But if Alexandra dies without a family, well, there is no way to fix that.

"Dear Mommy and Daddy,
   I am here waiting for you to come get me! I am very ready to be a part of your family...I have waited for so long. I  often dream of the day you, Mommy, come pick me up out of this bed and hold me close to your heart.  But when I wake up it's just me, alone in this bed, with no smiling face looking down at me or arms reaching out. And there are so many others waiting, moaning and crying. A lot of them lose hope and just give up. But I won't, Mommy and Daddy, because I just know you are coming for me! For now, I will content myself with my dream..." Until then,

This sweetheart is Talia. She has to be one of the cutest little girls I've ever seen! Her smile lights up the whole picture, and even with her strabismus, her eyes are just gorgeous. I can already imagine her sitting at the kitchen table fingerpainting, making up stories with her dolls, and cuddling with her mommy before bedtime. Are you her mommy? Can you see yourself tickling Talia to urge this sweet smile out of her?  Talia's birthday is March  17, 2007. She is five years old and has been listed on Reece's Rainbow for years. That sentence makes me want to vomit. Years. How could sweet Talia have been overlooked for so long? How is this possible? In fact, how is it possible that ANY of these kids have been looked over for so long? They are in desperate need of families. For basic needs--clothes for their cold little bodies, food for their starving tummies, therapy for stiff, cold muscles, and teaching for minds capable of so much if given the chance. But Talia and all the other children listed are in dire need of something much bigger than all of that.  love.
These kids need someone to love them, to hold them, to teach them about the love Jesus has for them. They need someone to celebrate all their "firsts" with them. The protective hand behind Talia in this picture makes me wonder if maybe she was just learning to walk when this shot was snapped. It is so sad to me that she had to experience this without the love of a mommy. Not sad for her, neccessarily, because she won't remember, but sad for that woman who is missing out on this precious little life.

Talia looks so happy in this picture, I long to scoop her up!

When I took a break from blogging today I went and played the piano. While I played the song "Baby Mine" from Dumbo, I thought of Talia, Alexandra, Tina, Austin, Nana, Marcia, and all the others. What these babies would give for a mama to hold them! But what, also, would a mama give for the right to hold these babies? I know their mama is out there...aching for this child, even if she doesn't yet know it. I'm praying for her and all the other future-mommies. Will you join me, please? Mothers are the greatest gift.

Baby mine, don't you cry
Baby mine, dry your eyes

Rest your head close to my heart
Never to part, baby of mine

Little one when you play
Don't you mind what they say

Let those eyes sparkle and shine
Never a tear, baby of mine

If they knew sweet little you
They'd end up loving you too

All those same people who scold you
What they'd give just for
The right to hold you

From your head to your toes
You're not much, goodness knows

But you're so precious to me
Cute as can be, baby of mine

And this is dear Austin! My only little boy in the whole group, he recently had a birthday. For many children, a birthday is a reason to celebrate. But not for Austin....this birthday just marks another year being without a family. Another year closer to the institution. Many children are lavished with gifts, a party, and relatives telling them how grateful they are for their lives. Austin deserves all of this. And yet he doesn't have any of it. He's had too many birthdays like this...let's pray for him to have a family this time next year, friends. And maybe his birthday after that will no longer be spent alone.

"Dear Mom and Dad,
A lot of my friends have gone home already. I watched as one of my closest friends' parents came to get him...they brought so many presents, even a picture book with pictures of his siblings. He ran into their arms and sobbed as his mom held him close. I though the hug would never end! And then a few weeks later he was gone, and once again I was alone. Why haven't you come for me yet? They always tell us to believe in mommy and daddy...but I'm not so sure you even exist. After all, if you're really out there, then why am I still alone? Please come and get me, too. I want to love you. I want to believe in you. I long to run into your arms, too. I don't want to be left alone again." ~Austin
Dear Austin. He has the cutest smile!
And last but not least--darling Nana. When I
saw the list of children featured this Sunday,
I chose group 9 because I had already fallen
in love with this precious little girl.

Oh, sweet, sweet Nana.
Nana has such potential. Even though this picture makes her seem non-responsive, I know with love she would just blossom. She may never be able to walk or talk, but I want to tell you that some of the sweetest kids I've ever met have been unable to do either. Nana can still communicate her feelings even if she is unable to talk. So if this is what's holding you back from adopting her--don't let it!! She is able to teach you so much more than you could ever imagine, and love you with her whole heart. Ignore what the picture might seem to say.
BUT at the same time, Nana may be able to walk, talk, run, and skip--and she will still be an immense blessing! No matter what this child's abilities are, it comes down to this: she is here on this earth for a reason. Not just to simply exist, but to LIVE. Are you willing to give her that chance?

All of these children are those in the most dire need. These are the ones who have watched friends leave with their forever families, year after year, while they are still alone. They need people to stand up for them, be their voice, and most of all, pray for them. Will you?

I'm not the only one who blogged for these kids today. Here is a list of the other blogs, most of whom have different kiddos who they're advocating for. I encourage you to read their blogs and to open your heart to what they have to say. Cry over these children, and pray for them with your whole heart.

Thought I was done? So did I! But it turns out I wasn't. As I was collecting these blog addresses (below), I realized a new child had been added to our Blitz list-- Emmitt. He is a sweet, kind, intelligent fourteen year old living in a mental institution. He has Spina Bifida and has been living there, sadly, for many years. God has blessed him, however, and he still is bright, funny, and kind. He would be a wonderful son. Here's what Reece's Rainbow says: Emmitt is a sweet boy. He is living in one of the mental institutions, and has been for many years, yet he remains sweet, intelligent, and kind. Ttwo of our adopting families met him while they were there, and are pleading for a family to save him. From his medical records: myelomeningocele (spina bifida) From one of our adoptive families: " Emmitt has a severe deformity of his legs. He cannot walk at all. He is very friendly, funny, and talkative. He desperately seeks out attention. He was talking to my husband, and holding Zack's hand, which he then put on top of his head for Zack to rub his hair. He is extremely intelligent, and just precious! I brought him paper and crayons, and he drew me a flower "

There is so much need, y'all. My kids isted above aren't the only ones in dire need. Emmitt is also waiting. And there's millions more. Let Emmitt be a reminder to all of you that the work is never done. Even when we think it's finished, "oh, She adopted a child" or "oh, I went on a mission trip" the work is NOT done. There is still so much God is calling us to do if we just listen. So. I'm not going to stop at one blog blitz. I'm not going to stop at one prayer! And I sincerely hope you won't, either. Remember these children.

Your Blogger,


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What is Prison Ministry?

Mom, the boys, and I with the founders of SACDEM.
They are blessings, I love them so much!

 "The teachers of the law and the Pharisees brought in a woman caught in adultery. They made her stand before the group and said to Jesus, "'Teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery. In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women. Now what do you say?'" They were using this question as a trap, in order to have a basis for accusing Him.

   But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. When they kept on questioning Him, He straightened up and said to them, "'If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.'" Again He stooped down and wrote on the ground.
    At this, those who heard began to go away one at a time, the older ones first, until only Jesus was left, with the woman still standing there. Jesus straightened up and asked her, "'Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?'" "'No one, sir.'" she said. "Then neither do I condemn you,'" Jesus declared. "'Go now and leave your life of sin.'""   ~John 8:3-11

   I wonder what Jesus was thinking as he knelt there, writing in the dirt? This passage is beautiful to me, because I know I have come to Jesus many times, asking Him to forgive me, even though I don't deserve it. This woman deserved to be stoned. She hurt her family, hurt her husband, and disobeyed the Law. She was supposed to be judged accordingly, and killed.  But Jesus demonstrates an important point many times have you judged someone harshly because of what he/she did? Do you think of people in prison and immidiately remember the mistakes you have made, acknowledging that what they did was no worse? Does your heart break for those in prison today who are there because of murder, theft, or drug running?

   When we were in Argentina we had the opportunity to do prison ministry. It was incredible.  Orphan ministry has always been my passion, and although the idea of prison ministry excited me, I didn't think of it the same way I think of orphan ministry- that it isn't an option. We are commanded to do it. When God tells us to take care of the orphans and widows, I can't imagine He is saying "If you feel called to, if you get around to it, go ahead and take care of the orphans." He is commanding us to do so. And I'm not going to take that lightly. I now feel the same way about prison ministry. I don't believe it's something to say "Oh, how cool that Julie does that! But, I'm just not called to it."
We are called to be like Jesus, and prison ministry seems to me to be the very embodiment of Christ.

I also believe that, as my mom would say, " a sin is a sin is a sin". My disobeying my parents this morning is no worse/better than Bob robbing that bank. We both sinned. Bob, however, must go to jail for his crime. So why don't I go to jail for mine? We all deserve to be in jail, guys. We are all ugly, sinning creatures.

So. Back to Prison Ministry.
  "Were you afraid?" is a question I've heard a few times. I wasn't at first. When we arrived and I actually realized "they're locking us in this gate, oh my goodness!" I did feel a stab of fear. But once we met the first woman that was completely gone. Actually, I forgot I was in a prison. I so thoroughly enjoyed loving on these precious people, I didn't want to leave!
  When Mason got up to preach, I wiped my eyes. The lady next to me (who had been crying during worship) leaned over and put her arm around me.
My heart, from that moment out I knew, was going to forever go out  to those in prison. An inmate in prison-- someone some would find frightening-- comforted me.
She comforted ME. Wow....I love that lady, and when I hugged her back, totally forgot that we were in prison.

The earrings the guard gave me. Please pray for her!
  When we painted the prison for those with infectious diseases, it was a similar story. The guards were precious, fixing us lunch and making sure we were comfortable. They were so grateful for us being there, and that gratitude touched my heart.

I complimented one of the guards on her earrings...and she gave them to me, as a way of saying thank you, she said. Here I am again, in a situation I would have never dreamed of...hugging this prison guard, filled with love for her, telling her I will be praying for her. And I have been, ever since. I love that guard, my friend at the prison, and the others we met so much that sometimes I just want to cry.
Neat, isn't it, how when we obey God He blesses us so abundantly? My new friendships are absolute blessings. And found in the most unlikely of places. 

 I challenge you all to serve outside of your comfort zone. You will be blessed, I promise.
Your Blogger,

Monday, July 2, 2012

Of one heart and soul...Argentina, 2012

(Traducción al español a continuación para todos mis seres queridos en la Argentina.  )

Dear Readers,
   Argentina was absolutely incredible.  Incredible. God did so many beautiful things on this trip, I can't even find the words for them. I will try, but know that this is just barely touching what He did...

  First of all, thank you again to all of you who made it possible for this trip to happen. Without you we couldn't have gone, and that would truly break my heart. Thank you, also, to everyone who encouraged  us and prayed for us as we went on this new journey into uncharted waters. I'm so grateful to you. So very grateful.

  For me, the trip, and the church we were with, can be summed up in this Bible verse:
 "Now the full number of those who believed were of one heart and soul, and no one said that any of the things that belonged to him was his own, but they had everything in common. And with great power the apostles were giving their testimony tot the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great grace was upon them all." ~Acts 4:32-33

  Precious families opened their hearts and their homes to a group of teenagers from Arizona. They fed us, got us where we needed to be on time, shared their lives with us, sacrificed personal family time, and loved us.  Spending time with my host family was my favorite part of the trip. They are a gift from God, and truly blessed my heart.  Thank you to everyone in Buenos Aires who hosted each of us...I love you so much! May God bless you for truly being His Hands and Feet.

 I know you all probably remember my fears and my prayer requests as we left...well...not only did God answer them all beautifully, but He surpassed all my expectations.
    God did miracles on this trip, dear ones. Absolute miracles that I am still trying to sort through.
 But let me start by saying that the people from La Puerta Abierta are genuine gold. They jumped in and lifted Benjamin and his wheelchair wherever it needed to go. They hugged and kissed us and welcomed us in even though most of us spoke not even enough Spanish to get by.  I love that kind of Acts 1 fellowship. Again, just like that verse I shared above.  My heart was full the whole trip!

   This post really doesn't even scratch the surface of all that God did while we were in Argentina...I can't even communicate the love I have for these people. I can't communicate what a blessing they were to my heart adequately enough. Words just aren't there for any of this. I feel like I am a different person now that I've gone.  And, God willing, I will definitely be back.

   God is doing amazing things in Argentina, but the work is not done. We painted one prison room bright colors...but that's only one. We were able to feed the homeless a meal...but they are still hungry. We passed out clothes to people...but more are cold. We talked with the guards...but they are still lonely.

  Do you see my point? I know God is going to continue the works He is doing in Argentina..I am praying He will guide people in Buenos Aires' hearts toward prison ministry.  And I am praying He will bring more of YOU there...your heart will be blessed, your faith will be grown, and you will leave even more in love with God and this world He created.

  So are you ready? Go!

Your Blogger,
 Claire  (PS keep scrolling past the Spanish translation for photos!)

Estimados lectores,
   Argentina fue absolutamente increíble. Increíble. Dios hizo tantas cosas bellas en este viaje, ni siquiera puedo encontrar las palabras para ellos. Voy a tratar, pero sabemos que esto es apenas tocar lo que hizo ...

 En primer lugar, gracias de nuevo a todos los que hicieron posible este viaje a suceder. Sin ustedes no podríamos haber ido, y que realmente me partiría el corazón. Gracias, también, a todos los que nos animó y oró por nosotros a medida que avanzábamos en este nuevo viaje en aguas desconocidas. Estoy tan agradecido. Así que muy agradecido.

  Para mí, el viaje, y la iglesia nos encontramos con, se puede resumir en este versículo de la Biblia: "Ahora, el número total de los creyentes tenía un solo corazón y alma, y ​​nadie dijo que ninguna de las cosas que pertenecieron a él era el suyo, pero tenían todo en común. Y con gran poder los apóstoles daban testimonio tot la resurrección del Señor Jesús, y abundante gracia era sobre todos ellos. " Hechos 4:32-33 ~

  Familias preciosos abrieron sus corazones y sus hogares a un grupo de adolescentes de Arizona. Nos daban de comer, nos dieron a nosotros, donde teníamos que estar a tiempo, compartieron sus vidas con nosotros, el tiempo de sacrificio personal, familiar y nos ha amado. Pasar tiempo con mi familia fue mi parte favorita del viaje. Son un regalo de Dios, y verdaderamente bendecido a mi corazón. Gracias a todos en Buenos Aires que organizó cada uno de nosotros ... te amo tanto! Que Dios te bendiga por ser verdaderamente sus manos y pies.

 Sé que todos ustedes seguramente recuerdan mis miedos y mis peticiones de oración cuando nos fuimos ... bueno ... no sólo que Dios les responde en toda su belleza, sino que superó todas mis expectativas.

 Dios hizo milagros en este viaje, queridos. Milagros absolutos que aún estoy tratando de clasificar.

Pero déjame empezar diciendo que la gente de La Puerta Abierta son oro puro. Se saltó y levantó Benjamín y su silla de ruedas allí donde necesitaba ir. Se abrazaron y besaron con nosotros y nos dio la bienvenida a pesar de que en la mayoría de nosotros no habló siquiera el español suficiente para salir adelante. Me encanta ese tipo de actos una beca. Una vez más, al igual que el verso he compartido anteriormente. Mi corazón estaba lleno todo el viaje!

    Este mensaje en realidad no tiene ni siquiera arañar la superficie de todo lo que Dios hizo cuando estábamos en la Argentina ... ni siquiera puedo comunicar el amor que siento por estas personas. No puedo comunicar lo que una bendición que estaban a mi corazón de forma suficientemente adecuada. Las palabras simplemente no hay nada de esto. Siento que soy una persona diferente ahora que he ido. Y, si Dios quiere, voy a estar de vuelta.

   Dios está haciendo cosas maravillosas en la Argentina, pero el trabajo no se hace. Pintamos una prisión brillantes colores de la habitación ... pero eso es sólo una. Hemos sido capaces de alimentar a los desamparados de una comida ... pero todavía tiene hambre. Pasamos por la ropa a la gente ... pero más frías. Hablamos con los guardias ... pero siguen siendo solo. 

¿Ves lo que digo? Yo sé que Dios va a continuar las obras que Él está haciendo en la Argentina .. estoy orando Él guiará a la gente en el corazón de Buenos Aires hacia el ministerio de prisión. Y estoy rezando para que traerá más de vosotros ... su corazón será bendecido, su fe se cultiva, y se irá aún más en el amor con Dios y este mundo que Él creó.

 ¿Están listos? Go!
Su Blogger,

Making meatballs to feed the homeless...
going to deliver them was an incredible experience.
The needs are the same everywhere...

Hacer las albóndigas para alimentar a las personas sin hogar ... vamos a ofrecer una experiencia increíble. Las necesidades son las mismas en todas partes ...

The boys and I with the founders of Sacdem, Daniel and his wife Maria Elena. God has used these two to bless so many lives...mine included! I love them so much.
Los chicos y yo con los fundadores de Sacdem, Daniel y su esposa María Elena. Dios ha usado a estos dos para bendecir tantas vidas ... incluido el mío! Los amo tanto.

One day during our trip we spent the morning with  the kids at high school. We got to talk with their classes, and afterward play with them during PE. Here Benjamin and I are playing with the girls who are triplets, also! It was such a blessing to meet them.
Un día, durante nuestro viaje pasamos la mañana con los niños en la escuela secundaria. Tenemos que hablar con sus clases, y después jugar con ellos durante la PE. Aquí Benjamin y yo estamos jugando con las niñas que son trillizos, también! Fue una bendición para hacerles frente.

Here I am with my sweet host sisters, Nico and Cami.
These two girls blessed my heart immensely...I will thank
God for them for the rest of my life!
Aquí estoy con mis hermanas de acogida dulces, Nico y Cami. Estas dos niñas bendecido mi corazón inmenso ... voy a agradecer A Dios por ellos para el resto de mi vida!

After we went to the high school we spent the afternoon
at the primary school. These children are little angels!
We got to worship with them in English, here is a picture of that
beautiful experience.
Después nos fuimos a la escuela secundaria pasamos la tarde en la escuela primaria. Estos niños son angelitos! Tenemos que adorar con ellos en Inglés, que aquí hay una foto de ese experiencia muy bonita

I got to serve in Nico's class, here I am braiding her hair!
I got to teach an English mad lib to her class, that was an amazing
experience I'll never forget. Her teacher was just
precious and we had the best time!
 Having the opportunity
to influence children should never be taken lightly.
Children are one of God's createst gifts!
Tengo que sirven en la clase de Nico, que aquí estoy trenzando el pelo! Tengo que enseñar a un lib Inglés loca a su clase, que era un increíble experiencia que nunca olvidaré. Su maestro era preciosa y tuvimos el mejor tiempo!  Tener la oportunidad de para influir en los niños nunca deben tomarse a la ligera. Los niños son uno de los mayores dones de Dios!

We spent a few days near the town Colon ministering
to the people there. Or rather, they ministering to us!
 In this picture I'm with one of my friends
 trying fruit mate for the first time. I love it!
Pasamos unos días cerca de la ciudad de Colón, el ministerio a la gente allí. O más bien, que el ministerio a nosotros!  En esta foto estoy con uno de mis amigos  tratando compañero fruta por primera vez. ¡Me encanta!

Triplets!! :)

When we got home to Buenos Aires, one of the things
we did was to go to a little Barrio and sort through
clothes to be donated to those who lived there.
(the girls did this while the boys laid down a foundation)
I tried on this ensemble..what do you think? ;)
Cuando llegamos a casa a Buenos Aires, una de las cosas que hicimos fue ir a un barrio poco y ordenar a través de la ropa para ser donados a los que vivían allí. (las chicas lo hizo, mientras que los chicos establecido una fundación) He intentado en este conjunto .. ¿qué te parece? ;)

While parents got clothes, we played with the children.
This was one of my favorite parts of the trip!  (second to my home stay and prison ministry)
The kids were so we are teaching them "Ring around the Rosie"!
Mientras que los padres tiene la ropa, jugamos con los niños. Esta fue una de mis partes favoritas del viaje! (segundo de mi estancia en casa y el ministerio de prisión) Los niños estaban tan dulce ... aquí les estamos enseñando "Ring Around the Rosie"!

I tried to fit as many as I could into my lap...
I'm pretty sure we are laughing at my Spanish here!
Me trató de encajar tantos como pude en mi regazo ... Estoy bastante seguro de que se están riendo de mi español aquí!

These sweet girls made my heart smile!
 The love they had for each of us upon
meeting us was endearing.
The one on the left went around with her arms around my legs
telling everyone that we were amigos!
Estas chicas dulces hizo que mi corazón sonría!  El amor que se tenían para cada uno de nosotros cuando cumplir con nosotros fue entrañable. El de la izquierda dio la vuelta con los brazos alrededor de mis piernas diciendo a todos que éramos amigos!

This young mom and her sweet kiddos touched my heart.
 She has 5 kids and another on the way...each of
them was so sweet and my interactions with them were huge blessings.
Please pray for them all!
Esta joven madre y sus dulces kiddos tocó mi corazón.  Ella tiene 5 hijos y otro en camino ... cada uno de que era tan dulce y mis interacciones con ellos eran enormes bendiciones. Por favor, oren por todos ellos!

La Puerta Abierta is a precious church...
filled with precious people. I am so blessed
 to have met some of them! Here I am with my dear
friends Sol and Ana Clara, who I love like sisters!
La Puerta Abierta es una iglesia preciosa ... lleno de personas valiosas. Me siento muy bendecido  de haber conocido a algunos de ellos! Aquí estoy con mi querido Sol y amigos de Ana Clara, que me encanta como hermanas!

My precious host "brother", Renzo, and I. I cherished each moment I got to hold him!
Mi anfitrión preciosa "hermano", Renzo, y yo he apreciado cada momento llegué a tenerlo

I sang Cate's lullaby to him, saying "Goodnight, Renzo" instead of "Goodnight, Cate".
It made me smile to think that the same song I used to comfort my little sissy
for so many years I'm using again to comfort this sweet boy all the way around the world!
That is a memory I will cherish forever.
Canté arrullo Cate a él, diciendo: "Buenas noches, Renzo" en lugar de "Buenas noches, Cate". Se me hizo sonreír a pensar que la misma canción que solía consolar a mi pequeña mariquita durante tantos años que estoy usando de nuevo a consolar a este chico dulce, todo el camino alrededor del mundo! Es un recuerdo que se aman para siempre.

Family picture take one!
 Foto de familia tener uno!

Family picture take two!
Foto de familia toma dos!

Family picture take three!
 This family blessed me immensely and I cherished every moment with them.
 God had the perfect plan when He placed me in their family for those weeks, and I'm so
blessed for it!
Foto de familia tener tres!  Esta familia me ha bendecido muchísimo y me apreciaba cada momento con ellos.  Dios tenía el plan perfecto cuando Él me colocó en su familia por esas semanas, y estoy muy bendecido por él!     Los amo tanto.

I LOVE this picture!!
Me encanta esta foto!
So many of my dear ones all in one picture...makes me smile!
Mom and they boys' host family was also precious...
I loved getting to meet them!
Así que muchos de mis seres queridos en un solo cuadro ... me hace sonreír! Mamá de la familia los niños y los de acogida fue también preciosa ... Me encantaba llegar a su encuentro!

We spent our final day shopping in La Boca...
the day was a sad one...but the area very colorful!
Pasamos nuestro último día de compras en La Boca ... el día fue triste ... pero la zona muy colorido!

Sweet Debora and I! She was such a blessing...
I'm sad I only got to spend a little time with her,
but look forward to spending more time with her when I go back! :)
Dulce Débora y yo! Ella fue una bendición ... Estoy triste, sólo tengo que pasar un poco de tiempo con ella, pero esperamos poder pasar más tiempo con ella cuando vuelva! :)