Thursday, October 27, 2011

A current event just for you!

                                My Dear Readers,
 We have to write current events in school each week. I nearly always seem to find a topic that lights my fire. And so, I get just a little carried away. Once I wrote about the horrible conditions people with disabilities in Armenia are facing. One time I wrote about a horse that I had the chance to see in a show who was recently adopted out. You get my point- I scour the paper until I find THAT topic! Well, as you will see from my below current event, I have a most difficult time assuming the unbiased reporter role. Haha I'm not even sure this will count as a current event, but thought I should share...mainly because the quote at the top and at the bottom are amazing pieces of poetry that everyone should read. So feel free to skip over my opinionated essay if you would like! Your Blogger,

    “ What is abortion, Mommy? Can you tell me what it is? I bet it’s something good, for you are Mommy and mommies do what is good. Mommy, what is happening? What is going on? Something is not right, Mommy. Something is very wrong. Mommy, what is happening? They are taking me away. Before they make me go, I want to say I love you very much and always remember me, for I will be with you in your memory.” ~Jessica Corrill
   This week a federal judge blocked part of North Carolina’s new abortion law. The law had said that it was required for all who were going through with an abortion to have a 24 hour waiting period before, where  other options and risks were explained. And she must also have to look at the ultrasound picture of her baby, and have the chance to feel its heartbeat. This, doctors and proponents thought, would give the mother to be opportunity to thoroughly think over her decision and spare her some of the emotional pain an abortion would cause. And although many parts of this bill were passed, the mandatory ultrasound was not .
   Abortion-rights groups and attorneys for abortion providers disagreed with the ultrasound. They said that by showing the woman the  picture, it would actually cause her to experience more   emotional pain.
  "If the ultrasound requirements were put into effect, this law would place doctors in a murky legal situation and inflict unnecessary harm on women," said Katy Parker, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina Legal Foundation. "The state should not be using women's bodies as political pawns, as this law clearly seeks to do."
(The above from AZCentral news)
   Although there were some major conflictions this bill brought up, the majority of it was upheld. Included in that majority is the 24-hour waiting period, because other states have similar times, and Mississippi saw a drop in abortions because of it.

  Now, I’m not trying to write an editorial piece here, but who is thinking about the baby’s pain? We (this nation) are so obsessed with the woman’s discomfort, and how the woman feels, and what rights the woman has, that we are not even considering this little life form whose being is at stake here! The woman has said she is willing to murder her child. That SHOULD bring emotional discomfort- and if it doesn’t she clearly  has issues. How could anyone live with themselves after knowing they killed God’s most precious creation- without even giving it a chance at life? Ultrasound or not, nothing can lessen that fact. She just murdered her own child.
   For you created my inmost being;
   you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
   your works are wonderful,
   I know that full well.
 My frame was not hidden from you
   when I was made in the secret place,
   when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.
 Your eyes saw my unformed body;
   all the days ordained for me were written in your book
   before one of them came to be.      ~Psalm  139: 14-16

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pictures, laughs, family- Fall is here!

 Dear Readers,
  So- fall has at last come! It may not be the MOST wonderful time of the year- I might reserve that for Christmas- but for me, it comes pretty close. I absolutely love fall..I love the smells, the colors, the baked goods, the pumpkins, the Carol's Cider Delight, the family time, the spice-orange sweaters, and the cool temps. I just love it all!! Even in the desert, where no leaves fall and the temperature is still too high, my mom shares my love for the season and has turned our house into a fall wonderland. And yes, I am wearing a (what I like to call) Pumpkin spice sweater, even though it is in the 90s. I will sweat off my gingerbread lotion happily, thank you!
  We recently took a trip to the pumpkin patch. It was all the more special because Grammie could be with us! Let me tell you- MacDonald's Ranch is horse heaven! I love it there- it is all things western and fall, with the added bonus of horses. Sound like this horse lover? I think so!
 We just have the best time every time we go is wonderful! We ride a hay wagon to the patch, and then we pick out our pumpkin. They even made a wheelchair accessible wagon for Benjamin! The cowboys there are the best.  Benjamin gets the green 'special needs' pumpkin, Mason chooses the white oddball, Cate gets one good for carving, and I chose one that would make a good carriage. Yes, I will forever be Cinderella. :) We also got to pet the animals, eat a slushy, and watch Cate ride the horse. It was neat because is Mississippi Grammie always escorts Cate on the merry-go-round at the mall, but she did it on a real horse here! Hehe I love my Arizona twist on fall. Most of the time!

I was too old to ride-sigh- so spent Cate's ride with this old fella. He completely understood my agony.

My little cowgirl!

And cowboy! He's not nearly as squeezable, though.

The little cheater- caught in the action!
Could I take pictures of horses all day? Yes.

Our red-headed Laura Ingalls!

I love Arizona...

Sunshine ruined this one..but oh well!

I found my perfect pumpkin

We tried several times for this picture...but finally got it!

Fun Grammie time

These are the moments that make memories. I was talking today about the wonderful memories I have of going Christmas tree picking in Minnesota- it was a stressful experience that Mom and Dad endured for us to have memories, and those are some of my sweetest memories.  I think all of these things- whether you just carve a three dollar pumpkin or pick it out at the pumpkin patch, whether you use an articficial tree or go and chop one down, all of these are what make a child's life beautiful, special, and memorable. These are the things that they will take with them for all their lives, and the things they will model their own homes after. So it is important to take lots of pictures, spend lots of time together, and laugh much.  Please fill this fall with warm memories- whatever the climate! Your Blogger,

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I can't even put to words how amazing it all was. Really, I can't. I have never seen something as beautiful as it was to watch these precious kiddos dance up that stage in their glittering costumes and bright makeup. I've never heard such a sweet sound as when kids who can't speak shrieked for joy at the sound of the music. I don't think I've ever encountered someone with as genuine joy or as big a smile as all these children had...getting to dance for the first time. And the moms (mine included!) were weeping for joy as they saw their kids shine. It was the most heart breakingly beautiful thing. Truly a glimpse of Heaven- where the obstacles that are daily in these kids' lives evaporate, and they can do everything.
    And I was Cinderella. I still can't even wrap my mind around that! Just my dream for life...finally come true! And yet, as I was watching the play, and dancing, I felt like the big deal~the big dream come true~ was that these kids could finally dance. That was what I cared the most about, and it was what made the show so beautiful. I had been extremely stressed all week about my acting skills, only to find out yesterday that it didn't matter. Really, what mattered was that these little girls became ballerinas, and that they felt beautiful. And even though Mrs.Caroline had to make an on-stage appearance, even though my acting might not have been the best- the show was the most amazing rendition of Cinderella ever.

  God has done miracles throughout this whole production, and my faith has grown and stretched. Where girls came in to class believing they couldn't do it, they left that production knowing that not only can they do it, but they are beautiful at it. That's how I feel. I CAN do whatever God calls me to do- wherever it is. I quit a sign language choir I was in for a few reasons, and one was because I just couldn't miss any of our ballet classes. It was a very hard choice for me, but I couldn't feel more thankful for doing it than I am right now. I think this is where God wants me, in this ballet. So here is  where I'll gladly stay! I feel so much love for all these kids...for this program! We need to have them all over the country, even the world! My heart is so thankful to God for making this happen. Now, I'm not sharing too many pictures, but here are a few...
My mom's hairdresser volunteered to come do the little girls' hair and was the sweetest thing and the little girls were thrilled! I truly felt like Cinderella with my hair all done up perfectly! Thank you, Mrs.Victoria!

My sweet mother and the fairy Godmother- who made this show come together! (well, and Mrs.Caroline! :))

The evil stepmother with the one he did this for

Mason and two sweet girls at the ball

"Thank you, Fairy Godmother, for my beautiful gown and glass slippers!"

The midnight clock and I riding in the most beautiful carriage far in the future  wedding has a lot to live up to! :)

The prince and Cinderella with the cutest Winter fairy! (who doubles as a mouse- this little girl was precious!)

Cate and I before the dress rehearsal..

The fairy Godmother and one incredible Duke

We were so thankful Grammie flew in for the play!

Benjamin was a wonderful Gus Gus!
It is just so beautiful, isn't it? Did you see us on the news? That was another God-given gift! Benjamin, who the camera is drawn to, even got a chance to talk! I hope you enjoyed glimpsing these dreams come true. Your Blogger who is ever thankful,
 Claire    Here is the  link!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Lessons from wheelchairs and power sticks

Dear Readers,
So This is how I have to start blogging. Late at night, using the app! I just can't fit time in between ballet practice and school... But it is all going so well! I have lots of tests to study for, and the ballet is this saturday, but I feel like this has been an amazing school year so far!
It really has always been my dream to be Cinderella-I don't think I can stress that enough!! And it really has been these girl's dreams to be ballerinas. And all of it is coming to fruition!

God is so good. But yet, on Saturday we were all very weary. I was nervous to head back the next day. But Galations 6:9 literally popped into my hands, and reminded us all to continue to do good and NOT GIVE UP.

Whatever is going on in your life right now, please just don't give up!! If you stick it out, you'll soon reap a harvest.

And if little girls can shriek with joy to be 'dancing'- yet not even leave their wheelchair, can't you be content (and even joyful) with whatever is handed you? I know this can be hard, but it has to be worth it, right? Just a few insights I needed to share. Your blogger who desires to be content,
PS- these kids are teaching me so much...why do people throw them away? It tears me to pieces. Please pray for special needs orphans this instant.