Sunday, October 19, 2014

The last treasure of the weekend.

Dear Readers,

Thank you for sticking with me this weekend as I share three very special kiddos with you all! Each of these children needs to have a sponsor by the end of October, so please share these posts with everyone you know and pray for God to provide sponsors for these three! 

Click here for the blog post about Luis!

Click here for the post about Urmila!
If you're new here, please click over to my first post in this series about Urmila. Today you get to meet the newest, and last, little love. Her name is Elyse, and she lives in Togo. This beautiful young lady is nine and lives with her mother and father. Her household chores include cleaning and running errands. Her father sometimes works and her mother is sometimes employed as a farmer. There are seven children in the family.

Typical houses in Elyse's region are made of cement floors, brick walls and tin roofs. The regional diet consists of maize, beans, and cassava. A common health problem is malaria. Most adults work on plantations or as subsistence farmers and earn the equivalent of $10 per month. Let me just stop there for a moment. Ten dollars a month. In the United States, the average person probably spends more than $10 on a daily basis. It's crazy to think that's all they make a month. 

Your sponsorship will provide Elyse with Bible teaching, drama and prayer groups, retreats, choir, hygiene and nutrition education, physical exercises, health screenings, nutritious food, games, field trips, community service opportunities, tutoring and educational materials. 

All of these opportunities are just typical activities every other child loves to do, so you might overlook them. They mean so much to the children involved, though!  Our sponsored child, Moris, loves to participate in the drama group at his center. After one of his plays, all of the kids hoisted him onto their shoulders and carried him out while cheering. These programs are wonderful, safe places for these kids to get love. She will also be provided with the opportunity to pour that love back out in community service projects! 

Not only will your sponsorship provide the support for Elyse to benefit from all of these programs, you will have the opportunity to get to know her and to be a positive influence in her life. I promise you this is an opportunity you won't want to miss.

I will have these children until the end of October, and if they don't have a sponsor by then, their information gets sent back to Compassion. I believe they have sponsors out there, though, and am praying this blog post will guide someone to them! They are actually my second group of children this month. Amazingly, God provided a sponsor for my first three within two days of getting their packets in the mail. Would you like to sponsor any of these three children?

To find out more about Compassion International, please visit:

Thank you for listening. Your Blogger,

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Treasure numero dos!

Dear Readers,

True to my word, I have another present for you today! Sweet Urmila has not yet found a sponsor, though, so if you are a new visitor (thank you so very much for stopping by!!) you will definitely want to start here.
Sweet Urmila needs a sponsor! Leave a comment if you would like to sponsor her!

Today, however, I would like to introduce you to treasure numero dos:
This handsome little guy is from El Salvador and is ten years old! Luis lives with his grandparents and cleans the home and runs errands. His grandfather is sometimes employed as a farmer and his grandmother works as a laborer. He loves to play soccer, play with cars, and run. He attends church activities and Bible class regularly and in primary school his performance is above average. A sponsorship  of $38 will allow him to continue that education, and to go on and change the world.
Luis lives in the mountain community of Jerusalem, (remember, he lives in El Salvador...) home to approx. 3,600 residents. Typical houses are corrugated iron and cement floors. The regional diet consists of maize, beans, rice, and potatoes. Common health problems in his area include fevers, malaria, and respiratory and intestinal infections. Most adults in Jerusalem are unemployed but some work as laborers and earn the equivalent of $90 a month. This community has water and electricity but needs employment opportunities and vocational training centers.
Your sponsorship will open up the world to Luis! I love the name of his Child Development center--Amor y Fe. In Spanish that means Love and Faith. Would you love Luis and show him that you have faith in him? With your support Amor y Fe will be able to provide Luis with Bible teaching, medical checkups, health and hygiene education, recreational activities, leadership development, preschool classes, literacy and computer training as well as academic support. The staff will also provide meetings for his grandparents.
If you have never heard of Compassion International's sponsorship program, please click here. they are an amazing, God-honoring organization that has done so much for so many children.
Finally, I urge you to watch this video. It shows one child's reaction to finding out she has a sponsor. Please know that you are truly changing this child's life forever with your love and support.
Please comment for more information on Luis or Urmila! One more child will be coming tomorrow!
Your Blogger,

Friday, October 17, 2014

A treasure for you to love!

Dearest Readers,

If any of you are still out there (so sorry for my long hiatus!!) is an exciting day! I got a very special package in the mail today and it was for YOU!

So you can just sit back and relax while I tear the tape off and open up this little goodie box with all of its precious contents. You could be the one to walk away with a treasure! We'll just have to wait and see. :) I will be opening one treasure every day of this weekend, beginning with tonight's. I pray my hands will be empty by Monday! Here we go...

All right, I got the tape off and didn't even need the car keys! Now for the fun part...thank goodness there are no foam peanuts...

Treasure numero uno:

Meet Urmila! This beautiful brown-eyed girl lives in India! Sweet baby girl turned five years old TODAY!!!! I know the perfect birthday present for this precious girl. Can you guess what it is??

Sponsorship* (if you have never heard of Compassion International's Sponsorship program, jump down to the bottom where I will explain the details!). Two other children are also available for sponsorship here and here.

Urmila has been waiting for a sponsor for seven months and is in desperate need of one. She lives on the plains of Longkharang, home to approximately 59,000 residents. Her area has a high risk for child rights violations, making it even more imperative for her to quickly get a sponsor. Urmila helps out around the house by running errands. She loves to play with dolls and play hide-and-seek! What a cute little girly-girl. She attends church activities and preschool regularly.

Typical houses in her village consist of cement floors, wood walls, and tin roofs. Urmila lives with her father, who is sometimes employed as a laborer, her mother, who maintains the home, and one sibling. Most adults in her community earn the equivalent of $16 per month. The regional diet consists of maize, bananas,chicken, beef, rice, and potatoes. A common health problem in her area is malaria.

Her community needs improved sanitation, income-generating programs, and drug abuse prevention programs.

YOUR sponsorship would allow the staff of Longkharang Child Development Center to provide Urmila with Bible teaching, health checkups, vaccinations, outdoor games, hygiene education, group activities, picnics, special celebrations, community service opportunities, tutoring, educational materials and skills development programs.

Your monthly payment of $38 will give Urmila a hope and a future she wouldn't otherwise have. And trust me, you will be rewarded in full.

My favorite part of sponsorship is the correspondence. You will be given the opportunity to write letters to Urmila, and these letters will truly change her life. You can watch her grow up through her letters, and watch her scribbles turn into recognizable drawings to hand-written prayers for you. Please believe me when I tell you the gift of correspondence is one you won't want to miss out on.

My family and I have sponsored a precious boy in Uganda since 2009. Moris loves with his whole heart, and although we have never met in person, my family feels he is absolutely a part of ours. I can't put into words the blessing to us his relationship has been. Y'all, he prays for us daily. With his whole family. They sit in their little hut in Uganda and pray for us Wow. Talk about humbling.

Instead of fumbling over myself trying to find eloquent enough words to express how much I love this boy, let me just share a piece of his latest letter with you. I know he won't mind if it helps Urmila find a family.
Moris and his beautiful mother with a cow and cowbell he bought
with money from a family gift. You can send up to three family
gifts a year to your sponsored child!

"...He said that he is wearing a smiling face and tears of joy are always coming out of him and his mother, as shown in the photo. Moris also said that he is so proud of you and he said that he will never forget to put you in his prayers for the wonderful support you are giving him always and he said that may the Lord our God continue to protect you and award you abundantly. He said that due to your support he has been able to attend school up to this moment and his performance is good and  he continues to ask you to pray for his good performance on his exams which will come soon...he said that he is praying very hard that God one day will bring you together and you can see him face to face...."

He is proud of me. This precious little boy. Oh, how I love him. He scribes his letters to a translator (hence the "he says"...), but his sweet heart and love for Jesus just shines through! His letters bless me immensely. As you can see, sponsorship is not a one-way street. He pours just as much into us as we pour into him. Yes, I, too, am praying very hard that one day God will bring us together!!

Sponsorship is amazing. It's a little bit of what Heaven will be like. I'm praying God will guide you as to whether Urmila or one of the other children I feature on my blog this weekend will be yours to love and support! Please take a chance to show Jesus to one of these little children. I promise it will be well worth your while.

Please leave a comment with your email address if you would like more information! Also, specify if you would like me to leave your comment "unpublished" so I'm the only one with your email address!

Mucho amor, dear Readers! Your Blogger,

*Compassion International is a Christian organization that provides children across the globe with sponsors. These sponsors pay $38 a month for their child to receive healthcare, a weekly meal, Bible teaching, training, and a safe place to come every week with mentors and friends at their Compassion-sponsored child development center. Many of these children don't have any adults in their lives to look up to, and this center provides an opportunity for that.
For more information, click here.