Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A little get away...

 Dear Readers,
  I just have to start with stating God is so good! This week we came home from Mississippi, and hit 'life' full blast. Honestly, it was hard at first. I didn't want to leave- we ended our quick trip with a visit with our amazing home schooled cousins, and it was SO nice to have a group of supporting friends or family everywhere you went! We don't have that in Arizona, just because Arizona is a lot different than Mississippi.
  And then, of course, there was the fact that the wheelchair broke, and the car went dead, and well, yeah. But God was faithful, and we actually now have been given the amazing news that Mason's heart is fine and he will not need surgery!! Hallelujah! And we had an amazing fundraiser for the Ballet Academy of Arizona, so, at least in those aspects, life's going good.  But is was lovely to get away from everything last week. And honestly, I'm ready to get away again! But we had our little escape, and so here's the memories of it...pictures are second best to the real thing, right?

I wanted a sweet picture of mom and dad kissing..but they had to re enact it a few times!! I ended up liking this one better. :)

We LOVED seeing Miss Trish!

Even Benjamin loved on the bulldog...oh yes!

We love MSU!!

outside Oby's...this fall shot made my heart happy!

Miss Trish, Pa Butch, and Mrs.Susan met us for doughnuts the morning we left for Tupelo. We're thankful for such great friends!

Sweet Anderson...what a doll!

Grammie's infamous sign

We had the tradition growing up of Grammie always taking us to the dollar tree...and so of course Cate had to jump in!

She walked away with sparkly hair and amazing memories- it turned out to be the best part of her trip!

Grammie was so sweet to let my sweet friend Lilli come play cello/violin duets with me...we had the most amazing time!

We played the cello like a violin...not too successfully! But this worked quite well. :) I loved it, Lilli!

A trip to Tupelo wouldn't be complete without accompanying Gramiie to the beauty shop!

This chair is the want of every young child

I LOVE taking pictures of these sweet little friends! And I experimented with a function of my camera on them..what do you think? I loved the vibrant but sometimes the blur doesn't work with the subjects!

Sweet family..that was my favorite part of the trip! We were blessed to see so many amazing family members, and I am still thanking God for the chance to love on them! Here we are with Uncle George and Aunt Mary. I loved talking about quilts with her!

Grammie decorated her house completely for Fall..it made my heart smile! Thanks, Grams!

The last night of our trip, Grammie just kept reading to Cate...book after book after book! I think she was as reluctant for us to leave as we were.

Oh, such a sweet trip! It was pure bliss to spend uninterrupted family time in Starkville. I enjoyed and savored every moment! And then to spend time with our loved ones who we don't get to see often....that is such a sweet memory! It was amazing, and I hope you have gotten a glimpse into our beautiful time.
 However, it was a little bittersweet- MSU lost the game, and I just love Mississippi State so much I am dying to go there someday. But they don't offer any of the degrees I'm thinking of right now. Oh, following God's plan can take you away from what you always thought you would do! But I'm just trusting Him right now....and loving every minute of family time we got on Mississippi State!
I hope all of you get a chance to escape life sometime, too. Your Blogger,

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