Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pictures, laughs, family- Fall is here!

 Dear Readers,
  So- fall has at last come! It may not be the MOST wonderful time of the year- I might reserve that for Christmas- but for me, it comes pretty close. I absolutely love fall..I love the smells, the colors, the baked goods, the pumpkins, the Carol's Cider Delight, the family time, the spice-orange sweaters, and the cool temps. I just love it all!! Even in the desert, where no leaves fall and the temperature is still too high, my mom shares my love for the season and has turned our house into a fall wonderland. And yes, I am wearing a (what I like to call) Pumpkin spice sweater, even though it is in the 90s. I will sweat off my gingerbread lotion happily, thank you!
  We recently took a trip to the pumpkin patch. It was all the more special because Grammie could be with us! Let me tell you- MacDonald's Ranch is horse heaven! I love it there- it is all things western and fall, with the added bonus of horses. Sound like this horse lover? I think so!
 We just have the best time every time we go is wonderful! We ride a hay wagon to the patch, and then we pick out our pumpkin. They even made a wheelchair accessible wagon for Benjamin! The cowboys there are the best.  Benjamin gets the green 'special needs' pumpkin, Mason chooses the white oddball, Cate gets one good for carving, and I chose one that would make a good carriage. Yes, I will forever be Cinderella. :) We also got to pet the animals, eat a slushy, and watch Cate ride the horse. It was neat because is Mississippi Grammie always escorts Cate on the merry-go-round at the mall, but she did it on a real horse here! Hehe I love my Arizona twist on fall. Most of the time!

I was too old to ride-sigh- so spent Cate's ride with this old fella. He completely understood my agony.

My little cowgirl!

And cowboy! He's not nearly as squeezable, though.

The little cheater- caught in the action!
Could I take pictures of horses all day? Yes.

Our red-headed Laura Ingalls!

I love Arizona...

Sunshine ruined this one..but oh well!

I found my perfect pumpkin

We tried several times for this picture...but finally got it!

Fun Grammie time

These are the moments that make memories. I was talking today about the wonderful memories I have of going Christmas tree picking in Minnesota- it was a stressful experience that Mom and Dad endured for us to have memories, and those are some of my sweetest memories.  I think all of these things- whether you just carve a three dollar pumpkin or pick it out at the pumpkin patch, whether you use an articficial tree or go and chop one down, all of these are what make a child's life beautiful, special, and memorable. These are the things that they will take with them for all their lives, and the things they will model their own homes after. So it is important to take lots of pictures, spend lots of time together, and laugh much.  Please fill this fall with warm memories- whatever the climate! Your Blogger,

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  1. Hi Claire! I just love your blog and I absolutely adore you! What a beautiful writer you are. I know God is already using you in such big ways to encourage, inspire, bring joy and laughter, share smiles with, and absolutely shine the light of Christ so bright! This post has been an encouraging reminder for me to make each day special for my kiddos. You're right- their childhood is where they will draw from as they grow up and God willing someday have a family of their own. So thank you! I love this season too!
    Lisa :)