Thursday, March 10, 2011

So thankful God made...

     Friends. As we are in Mississippi, we have been blessed with so many great reunions with dear friends.
Monday night, we were blessed to have the Sheltons visit. Bess and I have been penpals since I was in third grade! We have talked so much by mail (and email!), that  it's always a blast when we get together in person.

Cate,Bess, and I
              I'm so blessed to have her as a friend. I'll share more pictures of us that my mom took when we get home. She's taken some great photos, so I'll have to do a Mississippi in recap post with all her pictures! 
Riley Hailey and Cate
                       Mom's dear friend Mrs.Carol drove from Meridian yesterday. She and mom have so much in common - same name, they both homeschool, have two 5 year olds, are from MS, both worked at Garaywa, and both can still sing all those camp songs beautifully! So, of course they're friends.
 I had the best time photographing these two dear ones. They are naturally beautiful and were wearing the perfect colors!
Nick Bell's picture and State's logo
 Another thing I'm grateful for - Mississippi State! Without State not only would I not exist, (my parents fell in love there!) but we also would not know many, many wonderful people. As soon as we walked in the door to see a dear friend, a man came to us, welcoming as ever, and got us the cutest Jr.Bulldog club t-shirts. Mississippi  State really is something special.     
     Another blessing, I believe, lies in the spirit of family fun!
We had such a good time the other night, filled with hooting and hollering, laughing and screaming, and my camera flashing about a hundred times. We stayed out of the rain by  playing  Scattergories and Bible Trivia. Grammie made delicious finger desserts, and we had the best time. (I've said that a lot this week!)

I hope all of you, sweet readers, have had a wonderful week as well! Please remember to keep thanking God! This week, we've been showered with so many blessings, and yet I find my prayer time almost only intercessory. I'm working,though, to praise God as the blessings come - and encourage you to do the same!
Another thing I'm grateful God made - all of you! Thank you, my wonderful Readers, for allowing me to share a corner of my life with you. I hope I've been able to lift you up and encourage you along the way!
 Your Blogger,

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