Friday, March 18, 2011

The loose ends...

 Hello, my sweet Readers! We are back in sunny AZ, and I've got more pictures! (I told you I would need to do a Mississippi in recap post! )
 Well, that picture is showing Dad, Cate and Princess. The second Dad walked in the door, Princess lunged for him and followed him everywhere he went. She was CRAZY for him!
  And Cate in that picture has her hair done up beautifully, all set for the wedding.
I love love LOVED the mason jars on the trees!
Aren't those mason jars beautiful? Really, the whole wedding was beautiful. The bride was beautiful, the church was beautiful, Cate was beautiful,-it was all so sweet and beautiful!

Uncle George and the triplets!
It was SO great seeing him...

Moving on once again, let me add this one photo of Bess and I. (my mom took this so I couldn't add it to my 'friends' post!)
 Did I mention how much I love that girl?!

Cate- another one of my dear ones! She shined at that wedding, and so deserved some play time!

 We went to Joyner playground with Nana and Papa,
and so I loved taking pictures of Mom's former school - which is beautiful!

I told you this post was to tie loose ends, right?! I'm looking at it thinking, 'How in the world did I get  from Dad to the wedding to Bess to Joyner?AH!'
  But, really, this post is to add all the lovely pictures that A.) I took after I last blogged, or B.) My amazing live-in photographer (who we call mom) took and only just now got them downloaded to our computer. So, please excuse the hopping around, movings on and so forth! : )

One of my favorite things to do at Grammie's house is to dig. I delight in searching all the closets, drawers and purses the lady owns. The best things to find, in my opinion, are those little bits of a person's past found in a  book. I guess you don't think about it, but I bet nearly every book on all of your bookshelves has a piece of paper, ribbon, or picture tucked inside.
  So, as I searched Grammie's bookshelf, I found a scrapbook with lots of pictuers tucked into the back of it. What treasure!! I took pictures of nearly every one, but the above is by far my favorite. I know it's not the best picture, but isn't GrandDaddy Mason so handsome? Even though I was disappointed to find no family videos, I found such joy in the pictures I found. I encourage all of you to take lots of pictuers! Moments that may seem minute today will probably mean a lot in the future. Through pictures and stories, I feel like I know my wonderful GrandDaddy Mason. Readers, never underestimate the importance of a good story, or the legacy a picture can hold.

                                                              Staying true to my words, let me show you what happened in the Shrader household.  Mason, Mom and I got new glasses! Mom's are so cute with bright designs on the side. She looks ravishing. Can you guess what mine have on the front?! Calico! I love them...

Well, my Readers, I hope you've enjoyed this post and have a wonderful weekend! Your Blogger,

I took this upon arriving home and thought it would make a nice 'closing photo' to this post! Love to all of you! : )

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  1. You make me smile! I love all your photos -- and LOVE LOVE that you get why I take so many!! You are a gift!!