Wednesday, March 9, 2011

From Grammie's House

 Dear Readers,
   Oh, this has been such an amazing trip so far! That is exactly the reason why I've adopted my mom's habit of blogging during the trip, so I dare not let one detail go untold.
  My Mom has wanted to go to the McCarty Pottery sale for two forevers. And we both had a blast! Grammie was kind enough to hold her seat these last several months, and stayed outside with the boys and Cate while Mom, a lot of our family, and I went inside. It was amazing. I loved the feeling that everyone was family as they found something and passed it along, shouting that it was "Nearly perfect and only 10 dollars!"
As y'all all know, I love the Mitford books and felt like I was inside one.  I took a few pictures, but I had a big bag that I was too busy stuffing with pottery to take  many pictures.  But that's exactly how it looked - big wooden boards covered in pottery. There was pottery on the boards, under the boards on the ground, in people's garbage cans - everywhere! I think I've found a new love and appreciation for both the South and pottery. I loved it, and know my mom did, too - she was grinning from ear to ear all day!

We saw this sign on the way to Merigold - we miss you,too, Daddy! : )

Grammie's street - lined with mailboxes! YAY!

One fun  morning Cate, Princess and I walked.

GrandDaddy Mason's brick at the Veterans' Memorial
We went to the Veterans' Memorial, and it was gorgeous. The geese came to greet us, and it was a photographer's paradise. The bricks were a beautiful way of honoring your dear ones, I thought, and it was sweet seeing GrandDaddy Mason's name there.

   Our Mississippi visit has been so amazing. Really. God outdid Himself with the blessings He's lavished upon us. Grammie has made delicious treats for us, and we've enjoyed just 'being'.
There's much, much more to share, so let me publish this and I'll download a whole other set of pictures! I will try to make each and every one of you feel like you're here with us, as I always like to feel that way.
  Love to all our Arizonian (and other) friends! And Dad, Lenny and Pluto! (I hope the fish is being fed...) : )


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