Thursday, August 12, 2010

Musical beginnings

Dear Readers,
Yesterday a very exciting thing happened! I had my very first piano lesson and my first violin lesson in a long time. My mom and I found a lady, Laura Syjud, to teach me piano and violin back to back. First of all, I need to tell y'all that my violin has a name. My first strings teacher,  Mrs.Carlson, told all of us violin players to name our violins boy names because the cello players named their cellos girl names. The whole reason I was inspired to play the violin was because of Charles (Pa) Ingalls, in the Little House series, playing the fiddle. So, naturally, I named my violin Charles. Well, my new teacher's name is Laura, so even if she was mean (she's very sweet) I'm sure I would like her any way because of her name! So, I truly enjoyed my violin lesson. It was great to get my violin  tuned and sounding good, and also great to practice and correct things that need to be corrected. My piano lesson was amazing as well! I learned a lot in that half hour slot, and am excited to progress!  Thanks for listening to all that...I know it's not a subject all of you, dear Readers, are interested in, but I needed to share. It was truly a fantastic afternoon that I will always remember.

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  1. LOVING that picture! A friend of mine is playing the violin at the wedding. Believe it or not, I also loved seeing Pa play on Little House on the Prairie. I used to be pretty addicted to Laura Ingalls Wilder. We are definitely kindred spirits :) Love you sweet girl! Tell everyone hello. Love reading your awesome blog! Keep up the great work!