Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"The Highest Words"

    Nikolai Khamara
                            " "What kind of men are these?" wondered Nikolai Khamara. "They show joy while suffering. They sing in very dark hours. Morning and evening, they fold their hands and speak to someone no one can see. As they do, their faces shine." For months, Khamara had watched the Christians who shared his cell in the Communist prison. Unlike the believers who were in prison for refusing to deny their faith in Jesus, Khamara was there for crimes he had committed.
    One day, two of the Christians sat down with Khamara. He told them the story of his life and finished by saying "I am a lost man." 
   One of the Christians asked, "Suppose somebody lost a gold ring. What is the value of the ring when it is lost?" "What a foolish question! A gold ring is a gold ring. You have lost it, but somebody will have it." Khamara replied. "Then what is the value of a lost man?" the Christian asked. He continued, "A lost man, even one who is a thief or murderer or an adulterer, has the value of a whole man. He is of such value that the Son of God forsook Heaven for him and died on the cross to save him."  Khamara understood.
  The Christian said to the robber, "God loves you. You are valuable to Him.
    When Jesus met people of great sins He never asked them what sins they had committed. Instead, He told them, ""Be of good cheer. Your sins are forgiven.""  "You are forgiven because Jesus died for you. You only have to believe. " Khamara became a Christian. "
    Dear Readers,
 That's a pretty amazing story, isn't it? I got it out of the book Jesus Freaks by dc talk and The Voice of the Martyrs.
  After Khamara had served his prison term, he joined the underground church. When his pastor was arrested, Communist guards couldn't get him to give any information on his church. So, they stopped torturing him and brought Khamara in.
  They stabbed Khamara's eyes out in front of his pastor. The pastor could not endure someone suffering for him. "What should I do?" He asked Khamara. Khamara replied "Be faithful to Jesus and do not betray Him. I am happy to suffer for the name of Christ." "When my eyes are taken away, I will see more beauty than I can see with these eyes. I will see the Savior. You remain faithful to Christ to the end." 
  When the guards prepared to cut out Khamara's tongue, he said this; "Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. I have said the highest words that can be said. Now, if you wish, cut out my tongue."
   Khamara died a martyr's death.
   Wow.  Christians all across the globe are suffering like this for their unshakeable faith in Jesus Christ. I've determined that if these amazing people can pray for the people who kill their families, friends and themselves, the least I can do is share Jesus's love with the people I come in contact with every day. Even if it means going out of my comfort zone - isn't it worth that to watch a friend come to know Jesus? That's my goal. Will you join me?

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