Sunday, November 23, 2014

One child and One family: How YOU can change their lives this Christmas!

Dear Readers,

I love this time of year. Every day just seems so much better when the air is cold and Christmas is right around the corner.

I don't so much love the panicky "Oh my goodness it's almost Christmas and I still have so much to do" feeling that has been creeping in lately. I mean, guys, I don't even have a clue what I'm getting anyone for Christmas! I had this great plan in October to cross-stitch all of my dear ones little ornaments...well, here we are at Thanksgiving, and I haven't finished on. Oye vey!

Not to mention, I signed up to be an angel tree warrior with Reece's Rainbow this year, and haven't even put sweet little guy's button up on my blog. Or started fundraising. Yep. I get the worst Angel Tree Warrior Ever Award.

But, I'm here now, and I'm here to introduce you to a little boy in Asia and to let you know how YOU can make a difference in his life.

Meet Titas. I'm pretty certain he's already stolen your heart, too, right? I wasn't going to be an AT Warrior (because, as we've already ascertained, I'm the worst), but no one picked sweet little Titas. And as soon as I saw his picture, I couldn't refuse. His sweet little smirk reminds me of a little boy I know and love in AZ. 

Titas will be six years old in January. He is a leader in his orphanage, and all of his caregivers and peers love him. He's kind and gentle, and understands much more than he can say. He goes to a special class and helps with the younger children in the class. So, basically, he's an angel child. But wait--there's more! His Reece's Rainbow description ends with, 

"He loves to play new games and sometimes he is naughty!"

Aha! So he isn't an angel all the time, just most of the time. 
That line makes me laugh out loud. His little smirk made me think he had a mischievous streak! 

That line means more than that, though. It means he has personality! Sometimes institutionalized children are constantly trying to please in order to gain affection. That sentence shows that he isn't so eager to please he's lost all sense of his own stubborn will. It's a very good thing! Besides, aren't mischievous little boys the best kind?! 

So, now you love Titas. Do you want to know how you can help him? As his AT Warrior, it's my responsibility to advocate for him until the New Year, and to fundraise for him in any way I come up with. I've put together a few Christmas goodies you can order to raise money for Titas! The money you give will be added to his grant on Reece's Rainbow. This money will be saved just for his family. When a family begins the process of adopting him, they will be able to use that money to bring him home. 

It's my firm belief that we are all called to serve the orphans. It really is true, though, that you don't have to adopt to make a difference. You also don't need to have a lot of money. 

The items I've made aren't expensive at all--but I promise you every small amount added to his grant makes it easier for a family to bring him home! You really will be making a difference....and you'll get a Christmas memento, too! 
Christmas gift card holders! Right one still available; five dollars.

Next up are the Christmas ornaments! These are also five dollars each, hand stitched, and firmly attached and glued to a small embroidery hoop. I can add a bow to the top for hanging in whatever color you would like! I am able to make multiple ornaments for all of the pictures you see. *However*, if you would like the music note one, the flower will have to be a different color/pattern. :) If you would like any of the designs in a different color or fabric just ask! 


This one's my favorite :)

A package of five Santa Claus gift labels for five dollars! 

A set of three crocheted Christmas lights is twelve dollars! :)
Option number one for ordering these items: please go to this page and donate the amount you owe to Titas's grant. Email me a picture of your receipt (or just forward it to me) at clairesignshere at yahoo dot com. :)

Option number two: I love Angel Tree and the gift that it will be to the families adopting these sweet children. However, I can't ignore the fact that there are many families working hard to bring their children home right now. The Vargas family is one of these. They are working so hard to bring home three beautiful children with special needs. You might remember Sadie from this blog post? This is her family.  I want to give you the option to bless them this Christmas, as well. If your heart is so inclined, I will be selling packages of five gift tags (different from the Santa Claus ones) for five dollars per package to benefit this family. Follow the same process you would for buying an item that helps Titas, only donate to this page.

Thank you SO MUCH for making a difference in Titas's life and in the lives of the newest Vargas children this Christmas! You are changing the world for them. Be praying for Titas, Alonzo, Sophia, and Sadie as they spend their days in the orphanage, and please pray for their families--for Titas's family to realize he is theirs, and for the Vargas family as they work to bring their children home! 

Much love to you, dear Readers, and I hope your Thanksgiving is full of love and laughter! 

Your Blogger who is so thankful for you,

This set of three is twelve dollars.

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