Friday, August 8, 2014

She waits

Dear Readers,
This beautiful girl is Sadie. She has waited eight years for a family, and just recently watched her best friend go home with her family. Can you imagine that? She longs for a family of her own. Her best friend's family spent a lot of time with her while they visited their daughter, and said the following about sweet Sadie:

"URGENT!! Sadie's file is available and she needs a family to see her and know she is theirs. 

The night before we met our daughter the nannies said the girls laid in their cribs talking. Our daughter asked Sadie, "What if they don't like me?" and Sadie assured her, "Of course they will love you!" And our daughter said, "Then we need cake to celebrate"! 

The night before our last visit the nannies said Sadie  told our daughter she would miss her so much. Our daughter promised Sadie that night that we would find her a family. There they laid in their little cribs and exchanged a promise so profound. I promise not to forget her, a promise to bring her hope and love, a promise that a family will be found and come and call her their daughter! 

They (Sadie and the author's daughter) are the only two verbal children in their room. They have been best friends since they first were able to speak, the nannies told us. I cannot imagine her being left behind. If you could hear her giggle you would agree there is nothing in this world sweeter. 

Our translator said Sadie is incredibly smart! Our translator actually cried the day we left and said she is precious and needs a family to come and asked that we would help to find a family. 

Sadie insists on doing anything she can do for herself... she is very determined. She has the nannies (and she had us) laughing so much. And she has a mighty throw when playing catch with the ball.... she could throw it further than our daughter. 

Sadie had a family that couldn't continue and she already met them and knew what love feels like. Before she didn't know, but now she does and she wants it again so badly!! When we were saying goodbye, our daughter just smiled but Sadie's eyes were wide open and her little chest started to show she was breathing so heavy. She didn't want love to leave again. We spent every moment with her the same as our daughter and would love to answer any questions anyone has. Would you help us keep our daughter's promise, would you help her not be left behind?? If you are not Sadie's family can you please share this post everyday until we find them??!!"

You can tell a lot about someone by the way they handle a difficult situation. Sadie has handled every difficult situation thrown at her with grace and wisdom. She put her own hurt at being left behind and desire for a family behind her in order to encourage and love her dear friend. What a precious spirit this young lady has. 

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  1. Your friends are awful -- making promises they have no way of keeping to this dumpling!

    1. Do you want to know something beautiful? This family has not only kept their promise, but soon Sadie's best friend will become her sister. Yes, this family is adopting Sadie!