Saturday, November 12, 2011

A walk down memory lane

Dear Readers,
 I Find it kind of sad that I have stayed away from my blog for the mere reason of not having access to my pictures. Our computers are broken and can't handle my load of 1,000 or so pictures per upload. So, I just haven't blogged! But here I am, driven here out of pure guilt. I'm sorry!!
  So much has been going on...but a wonderful blessing has been the cool sweater weather! I love fall, truly, I do! And every morning Cate and I have gotten to enjoy it by playing in her new swing set and playhouse. It brings back lovely Minnesota memories just to be up there, and I am desperate to give her the same sweet swinging memories that I have with Mason. So we spend our mornings up there with Mom and American Girld Dolls. And I did take me Bible Study with me last time so I could get a bit of studying in! What a sweet gift.
  Memories bring such sweet flavor to life, don't they? I tend to like to dwell on the past more than the future, and sometimes even the present! I revel in historical fiction books, could spend days in my Mom's closet going through our old family pictures and her old jewelry. I raid Grammie's house every time we're home. I break all of her closets and leave with a pocket full of pictures and wonderful new stories and Granddaddy Mason and his amazing family.
 Pictures, family videos, stories, they're all just so sweet! I can't wait to get to Heaven and hear all these Bible stories I so love from my Jesus. Won't THAT be lovely???
  So, since I don't have new pictures, here are some old ones!! They are making me smile.
My blog's old look!

2009 Cate!

Little May-May

Papa and Cate share a moment of laughs



Pope- I mean, Pilgrim Lenny!

Laura Ingalls and Tinker Bell

Our house- pre move in!!

      CHRISTMAS!!!~last year

I love Mexico. I miss Mexico. I want to go back to Mexico. God loves the people of Mexico!

         There you have it! Snippets of our life from 2009 to now. Hehe that was fun!! Love Your Blogger,

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