Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blessings in different packages

Dear Readers,
Happy Thanksgiving!! This is a time to praise the Lord, as my favorite variation of the sign points out. (you begin to sign thank you with both hands, but then point them to Heaven. :))
However- this year has been harder to get into the thanksgiving mood. I have almost skipped the holiday completely in my gingerbread patterned pjs, Christmas cookie baking, and listening to Christmas music all day! Ha

But seriously, y'all- it's not that I'm not thankful. I am! Every time I wake up to my amazing family, I feel thankful. Every time I read my Bible I'm thankful for it and the sacrifice my Jesus made. Every time I am given amazing opportunities (like loving on my favorite kiddos in ballet, volunteer projects, and a mission trip to Argentina!!) I feel beyond blessed. But being thankful and in the mood for Thanksgiving are two completely different things in my opinion. Am I ready to miss all of our favorite traditions this year as we spend our holiday in MS? No. Am I ever grateful to have a grandma who loves me and wants to spend Thanksgiving with me? YES! You see--two different things.

But as we celebrate this season, please remember to pray for those who may not have as many reasons to be thankful. Whether they don't have money for a big meal, or if they have no one to celebrate with, or if they are spending this holiday in a nursing home or orphanage. We are called to take care of the widows and orphans, dear ones. What better time to do it than this week? And I will be praying for each of you as you balance family, friends, etc.
There's always a beautiful blessing in everything. Even if you can't have a big turkey, or if you have no family near, or if everyone you know comes to celebrate with you!
My mom pointed this out to me when I felt like I failed miserably in my missions interview last night. She reminded me about Paul, and how he prayed to NOT have an adequate tongue. For then people would not be impressed with him- they would be impressed in God. So I guess even that was a blessing!!
So no matter what form your blessings take this next week, my hope is that we will each find a beautiful blessing and hope to be thankful for.
Gobble gobble! Your Blogger,

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