Saturday, September 3, 2011

Don't let your dream go!

 Dear Readers,
    Today, we don't have ballet practice, so are all watching college football. (it has finally started, much to my dad's relief!) And, while I really could make a whole post about ballet again, I'm feeling compelled to write something different.
 Well, I have to tell you- missions have really been on my heart lately. If you know me, you know that missions are ALWAYS on my heart, but as my friend recently traveled to China to adopt a younger sister, they are REALLY on my heart.  Looking at the pictures she posted, I felt the need to go there. Not just God lightly pressing on my heart- I felt like I would spontaniously combust if I didn't get to China soon. And, just going to China wouldn't be enough. No, I had to go to China and rescue an orphan! She showed a picture of all these babies with special needs just laying on hard steps...when they cried someone came to see to their needs, but otherwise they had no human contact. My heart broke and crashed into a gazillion pieces.  (It didn't help that our next sermon was all about missions...or that the one after that told a story of how babies left alone die...) I wanted to mail myself to China. Or Africa. SOMEWHERE!!!

   Now, I'm sure you're wondering where I'm going with this. No, that last paragraph was not just me venting with no purpose--I do have a point! :) I know that everyone here has a dream. You all have something your heart aches to do, but that is just slightly out of reach. Well, China is that thing for me right now. (it changes  frequently!)  And you know what? I can't, in reality, mail myself to China. We can't, at the moment, bring a baby home. And all of us who have a hope that is far from current reality, need to get to a place where we're okay with that. We need to settle for the fact that today, you can't pack your bags and move to Papua New Guinea. Today, you can't buy the dozen acres of land you'd like. Today you can't open your own dance studio. Today you can't go adopt a baby.  But today you can do God's will.
   He has put these desires in your heart for a reason! He doesn't want to dangle them out in front of you for the rest of your life; but He does want you to learn to trust Him.
"Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails." ~ Proverbs 19:21
   God knows what you can do today, and He isn't going to push you past your limits. Where your owns plans and dreams, just might. But hold on to that dream! I strongly believe that everyone is a missionary. Wherever you are, whatever you do- you are an ambassador for Christ. You don't have to pack up and move into a foreign land to serve Him! But if you have a dream you can't reach today, don't give up. We met missionaries in Mexico who didn't have a season in their life where they could pack up until they were 60.  So, even if you can't adopt a baby today, or head to Africa today, if God really wants you to do it- nothing on earth can stop you. So please, don't give up your dreams!! I won't give up mine. Your Blogger,

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  1. My favorite post yet, I think! Love you and your dreams!! Can not wait to see what God is doing in your life every day!!