Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A dream is a wish your heart makes...

Dear Readers,   I cannot even begin to write the joy I am feeling right now. Or the joy that surrounded me yesterday afternoon at United Cerebral Palsy. Or the joy and giggles of little children trying on their costumes two weeks ago. There is a LOT of joy involved as special needs kids, who have never before been given the chance to dance, swing their arms and point their toes as their dreams come true. 
    About a month ago, Benjamin, Mason, and I were at a mentor meeting for the Ballet Academy of Arizona's fall production of Cinderella, when Benjamin announced that I had always dreamed of being Cinderella. So, my dream came true!! But I have to say-- I was a bit nervous. I mean, how could I help all these precious kids with special needs if  I was dancing as Cinderella?  This week, I got the answer. And oh my goodness, I don't know if God has ever answered one of my prayers as beautifully.
   Yesterday, there were two twin girls  practicing at UCP. There were 23 years old, and have been wanting to dance since they were six years old. But no one had given them the chance. So, as I went up to tell them how beautifully they had danced, their mom said "Did you hear that? Cinderella is telling you how good you did!"  And later, they kept telling my mom that Cinderella's coach broke down. (We had had a flat tire on the way!) 
   On practice Saturday, there is one sweet little girl in a power wheelchair who I was helping. Mid-way through our bibbity bobbity boo dance, she looked up at me and said "You are going to look beautiful in your blue dress."  And, if you aren't already crying, yesterday one boy with Down Syndrome cupped my face in his hands and said "Good luck, Cinderella."
   Can you see how, by my dream coming true, I'm able to even better help theirs come true? It's beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I never imagined being Cinderella would come with so many blessings.
    I hate that it's taken so long for those twins to find a place where they can dance, it breaks my heart that these little girls have watched their friends perform for years,  and I hate how ignorant people are. But while we dance, it's not about that.
   It's about the fact that these girls are giddy with excitement to put on makeup, to wear sparkly tutus, and, even if they never leave their wheelchair,  to dance their hearts out. 
   God is working miracles. I can feel Him in there with us.  It's just so amazing; I feel like this blog post is entirely inadequate and lame. 
     A man at ballet practice said "I love it when dreams come true".  And that statement really does capture what's going on- everyone involved dreams are coming true, and I am so blessed to be there when they do.
  So come watch! Cinderella will be at the Herberger Theatre, October 8. There will be a performance at 2:00 and one at 5:00.  It will be unlike anything you've ever seen, I promise. And you will likely leave with joyful tears running down your face. In fact, you will feel like you've just been the one blessed!!
    Your Blogger,
 Cinderella  :)


  1. I can't wait to see this performance! I can't wait to see all the dreams come true... the childrens' and yours :) It's going to be beautiful. How do I get tickets?

  2. Claire,
    I linked in from your Mom's Blog. Your writing is so eloquent for a young writer. Yes, you did put tears in my eyes. So happy for you, your siblings, and friends in the play. Good Luck or should I say "break a leg"!

  3. Awesome! You are gifted in so many ways. Thanks for sharing!