Friday, April 22, 2011


Dear Readers,
  I am so sorry for not posting for some time!! Life has gotten in the way. But let me assure you - good things in life have gotten in the way!! It was our birthday on the 18th, and it was amazing. absolutely. amazing. really, it was!  I am so thankful my mom endured all she did to give us life!
  Let me start at the beginning...
 We started to celebrate on Sunday, and got Krispy Kreme doughnuts for breakfast. We had a lovely, lazy morning, watching the Brady Bunch, going swimming, and having fun together. Mom, though, spent a large amount of time on the computer--which is unlike her. Hmm...    

 Day two of the birthday celebration: It's our birthday!! YAY! I got up early and the boys and I had some triplet bonding time before anyone else woke up. (We made sure to make enough noise to wake up others, though- it's just SO hard to wait!)  And then - we were walking the birthday mile. Through the hall, into the kitchen and -gasp- what was on the table??? Cards from grandparents and  two flat pieces of white paper. 'hmm' again...
   Let me cut the dramatic outline and get to the climax---  WE GOT A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT! 
  Yes - Mom and Dad gave us a facebook account! And we had not one friend, not two friends, but more than  one hundred friends apiece! We had profile photos, and all our sweet friends had written on our wall for our birthday, and Mom's post talking about  a 'Facebook Surprise Party' was at the top. OOOHHH!!!
   It was so much fun. And it STILL is so much fun! (Even though in the past two days I've spent WAY too much time on there..)

I cannot WAIT for our tea party...
    Any way, we then went to the musical instrument museum! And I got to play the piano in the lobby for all to hear. Amazing, again! I played my 'Sonatina in C major', which is my song for my recital. It was fascinating to see all the instruments, and the 'experience room' was such fun! I encourage all you Arizonians to visit...   
 Then we opened presents. I got an invitation to tea at the Tea room with Mom and Cate! Needless to say, I am exhilerated and cannot wait! AND, I will be taking a sewing class at JoAnne's in May. I am simply DYING to learn to quilt, but first I must learn to use a machine. So now I am DYING to make a pair of shorts, as well, so thankfully I will be doing that in my class!!   The boys will be going to a Newsboys concert with Dad and Len, which they have been wanting to go to. So, we really got lots of great experiences for our birthday - which I love! The good memories of your life experiences are something you can take with you where ever you go.
  And we definitely made a lot of great experiences on Monday. Thank you to all of you who helped to make our day so special with your sweet Facebook messages!

 With love and joy,
 Your Blogger Claire                                             

I love this hot pink sax and ornate violin!
We sponsor a boy in Uganda, and we loved seeing the instruments from his homeland!
'Mom-I want to learn to play the frying pans!'
It's so hard to be the only kid to not have a birthday...
I loved seeing all the parts of a piano!

Can you guess how to play this instrument? You put it on your bottom and shake,shake, shake!

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