Friday, May 21, 2010

Caution! Do not read this unless you have read Corners of Our Vacation Chapter One!

Dumbo the Flying Elephant! He is my Mom and my favorite character and there forth we love his ride! Of all the characters Dumbo deserves his own ride the most. I mean - have you seen the movie? He gets his mother taken away, has everyone make fun of his ears and has to jump out of a flaming building all in about an hour! Poor guy. And he's the cutest character - how can you not love him?

Cate is officially forty inches! That means she can ride almost all the rides in the parks! And she is proud of it! I said "Is Cate riding Space Mountain?" She looks at me with that of course- I- am face and says
"Uh- YEAH! I'm 40, Claire." Except she pronounces my name Cler.
She is funny, funny.

This is Mickey's Fun Wheel. Everyone in the family loves it. Except Uncle Len. Notice the finger in his mouth? He only rode it for Cate who looks at him with these huge eyes and said "Lenny - it won't be fun without you!" After he announced he would not be boarding this time.
He rode it and I bet he will again. If he doesn't someone with very persuading eyes will be very upset.

Here's the last photo. Can you spy with your little eye one Mason, a Claire, Daddy and a Benjamin? We truly had a good time. It's Disneyland - and with my family it's impossible
not to have a good time. I hope you enjoyed a few of the 990 pictures we have of our vacation.
With love,

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  1. You are adorable! You have a gift for writing and I am delighted that you are blogging! Great job with both of these posts...I love you so!