Friday, May 21, 2010

Corners of our vacation Chapter one

Dear Readers,
We are home from our California vacation! A lot happened and I'm excited to share with you some of the funniest corners of our trip! First of all, you need to know my Mom loves taking pictures. And as you can see from the above picture, her children are following in her footsteps!
She took 990 pictures this trip. I know some of your eyeballs are popping out, but trust me, this isn't unusual! Her camera goes every where with her because as I've said before -she loves taking pictures. That is the reason I am a little late in blogging about our trip. It took me days to go through all her pictures! I'm finally here, though and will began showing you a glimpse of our van...

I love this picture because my Dad is in the back ground looking very funny. (That's why we're all laughing!)

My Dad's best friend,Uncle Todd, works at Sony and took us on a tour at the start of our trip. It was very cool to see where movies we love were filmed. In the above picture Cate is standing inside the stage where "Singing in the Rain" was filmed. It's one of my favorites! The room has to be so big because they make buildings and scenery and everything required in a movie and put them inside that room! There's a big difference between the room Cate's standing in and the living room in which they sing "Good Mornin' " in "Singing in the Rain" !

Onto the Disneyland portion of our trip! Here's us with Pluto, our family favorite. I love how Mom and Dad are the ones holding the stuffed animals and not the kids!

This is Uncle Todd's daughter, Gracie. She's as cuddly as a stuffed animal and fits right in, don't you think? She rode some of the Bug's Land rides with us. Cate sure did love having a littler one to hold and play with! ( Gracie did, too. She would just watch Cate - mesmerized. Can't you see her thinking "Wow... this one's smaller than the others..."

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