Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hey yeah, Welcome to the Real World...

Nobody told you it was gonna be hard...I barely started now I'm falling apart.

(If you don't recognize it, those brilliant lyrics were written by Rob Thomas and I'm convinced he wrote them for all college freshmen. Here's the video:

Hey there, sweet Readers,

I really don't have time to be writing this. But my laptop is sitting on top of my open algebra textbook so does it kind of count as studying?? Really, I was just having one of those nights when that song came on and I just had to laugh because it fits my life so perfectly right now.

But then a boom shake now I'm awake; I think it's over but it's everyday and it's a pretty fine mess I'm starting to make...I couldn't tell you I was never afraid.

College is beautiful. I have met some precious friends and made incredible memories already. It's also exhausting. I've embarrassed myself more times than I care to admit in front of those friends because Claire after 11:00 gets a little delirious. College is inspiring. I see so many upperclassmen and professors and even peers doing such incredible things with their lives. College is a lot harder than I thought it would be. The pressure I put on myself to make those lifelong friends everyone talks about and get good enough grades to get into OT school has my head spinning most days. College is lonely. I miss my family and Arizona and doing everything with my brothers. I have gone home every single week but it still isn't enough because home is so different now. College is fun. I rushed Swannanoa and am loving getting to know my sisters. I would give an arm AND a leg for a day where I could just sit on the couch and read a fiction book without having a rush event or homework, though.
Swannanoa's Coke Party!

Miss Trish came to Clinton for the Back to the Bricks festival
the first week of school! 

Our first Game Day! And we BOTH rushed ST!

It's a lot of things; a lot of normal things that every freshman ever has felt, but I just owed you a blog post and needed to write for a moment so here you have this. And for any high schoolers reading, let me just go ahead and tell you: this semi-real world is really, really, really, really hard so prepare now and start memorizing metabolic pathways and amino acid chains before you graduate.

One time I went home and they had alfajores for me :)

Your exhausted yet thankful blogger,

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