Saturday, October 18, 2014

Treasure numero dos!

Dear Readers,

True to my word, I have another present for you today! Sweet Urmila has not yet found a sponsor, though, so if you are a new visitor (thank you so very much for stopping by!!) you will definitely want to start here.
Sweet Urmila needs a sponsor! Leave a comment if you would like to sponsor her!

Today, however, I would like to introduce you to treasure numero dos:
This handsome little guy is from El Salvador and is ten years old! Luis lives with his grandparents and cleans the home and runs errands. His grandfather is sometimes employed as a farmer and his grandmother works as a laborer. He loves to play soccer, play with cars, and run. He attends church activities and Bible class regularly and in primary school his performance is above average. A sponsorship  of $38 will allow him to continue that education, and to go on and change the world.
Luis lives in the mountain community of Jerusalem, (remember, he lives in El Salvador...) home to approx. 3,600 residents. Typical houses are corrugated iron and cement floors. The regional diet consists of maize, beans, rice, and potatoes. Common health problems in his area include fevers, malaria, and respiratory and intestinal infections. Most adults in Jerusalem are unemployed but some work as laborers and earn the equivalent of $90 a month. This community has water and electricity but needs employment opportunities and vocational training centers.
Your sponsorship will open up the world to Luis! I love the name of his Child Development center--Amor y Fe. In Spanish that means Love and Faith. Would you love Luis and show him that you have faith in him? With your support Amor y Fe will be able to provide Luis with Bible teaching, medical checkups, health and hygiene education, recreational activities, leadership development, preschool classes, literacy and computer training as well as academic support. The staff will also provide meetings for his grandparents.
If you have never heard of Compassion International's sponsorship program, please click here. they are an amazing, God-honoring organization that has done so much for so many children.
Finally, I urge you to watch this video. It shows one child's reaction to finding out she has a sponsor. Please know that you are truly changing this child's life forever with your love and support.
Please comment for more information on Luis or Urmila! One more child will be coming tomorrow!
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