Sunday, April 13, 2014

Birthday Week Featured Child: Mirabel

Dearest Readers,

It is now, officially, our birthday week. Woohoo!

 Our birthday is Friday, I have my theater class's show Saturday, and then it's Easter! I will be blogging about the festivities once they are all said and done. But today it is time for you all to meet....

Mirabel means "wondrous", or of wondrous beauty. Definitely
an appropriate name for this beautiful girl!

About this time last year I wrote this post about an orphan in Eastern Europe who, like me, was about to turn 16.

I knew I wanted to feature another waiting child this week, but who? An April baby? Another 16 year old? Instead, I picked a four year old born in August.

That smile. So precious!
Mirabel is four years old. In her country, this means she will be transferred to a mental institution soon. Soon she will be taken away from the only home she has ever known. She's only four years old. Most four year olds in America don't cross the street without a parent's hand.

 Adoptive families are called forever families for a reason. Mirabel's whole life has been unstable. Nothing has been constant. When she is home with her family, though, the same person will wake her up every morning. She won't cry alone after surgeries. 

A family that met her last year said the following: 
” We saw Mirabel this morning.  She is in the laying down room.  The nannies were carrying them outside.  She can’t hold her head up, support herself, sit, or stand.   It looks like she has no control over her legs at all…flopped to the side when the nannies carried her. She does, however, have good use of her arms.  She kept reaching up to try to touch me.  I gave her a set of the rings to play with.   She was SO happy to have something to play with. She kept smiling at me. I really think that there is a smart, aware little girl in that broken body.”

Will you please pray for Mirabel this week? Pray that she will get to celebrate her birthday with her family one day. 

If you would like more information on adopting Mirabel, please go to her profile at 

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