Saturday, February 8, 2014

It is currently today, not tomorrow.

Just in case you were wondering!

Dear Readers,

Yesterday we fished out one of Mom's high school year books. The pages are covered with well wishes and stories from her friends. I have always loved reading through Mom's old yearbooks and scrapbooks, seeing a part of her life growing up in Tupelo, MS. I especially love to open a book of hers to find a note fall out addressed to "Carol Leigh".

Next weekend we are going to visit Azusa Pacific University. I'm pretty excited because I've heard great things about the school and they have some wonderful missions opportunities. We've visited Mississippi State and Grand Canyon University this year, as well. While I love looking at these wonderful schools, the thought of leaving and attending one is a bit...overwhelming.

One of Mom's friends wrote in her yearbook that she knew they would always be close--no matter if they lived in separate states. My Mom has tried many times over the years to reach this friend, but she hasn't been able to. That breaks my heart. 

Dear ones from Seussical last semester!
I don't want to lose touch with any of our dear ones someday. I want to be just as close in ten years as we are now. Why does change have to come along and ruin this good thing we have going here?

Another from Seussical :)

 I know that God has plans (great plans!) for each of us, and I know that will carry some of us away from our little patch of desert. 

And I'm going to have to be okay with that. (because, you know, kidnapping is illegal. :)) 

From Honk! 2012

But today I'm not okay with it, and I don't know that I will be in a year and a half, either. Goodbyes are hard no matter how great that college/job opportunity/whatever is.

They might kill me for this one, but it is too cute to not share!
From Snoopy! 2010

It will be okay, though, because we will all be right where God needs us to be, wherever that is. (and it may even be right here all along!) 

So for today I'm going to hold tomorrow gingerly, and cherish every moment of today. I'm going to let God take care of the future and try to stop worrying about it. And instead of wondering if we will be just as close ten years from now, I'm going to hug my dear ones close today. 

I encourage you to do the same, dear Readers--squeeze every moment out of today and anticipate the plans God has for you without fear. 

Now go hug your dear ones long and close. 

Your blogger,

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