Wednesday, January 15, 2014

There was a little girl...

Mason, me, Benjamin
There once was a little girl who only wanted to wear dresses.

Her mom sewed her dresses, year after year, because this is all she would wear.
 With ruby red slippers, of course.

Despite the freezing temperatures of Minnesota's winter, this stubborn child had to wear something that swirled.

Channah on Reece's Rainbow

Eventually this little girl got older and decided she could tolerate jeans every now and then. ;)
One day, though, she saw a little girl's profile on Reece's Rainbow that transported her right back to the past. 

This little girl's profile noted that she loves wearing dresses. That little girl is Channah, and her picture is above. Isn't she simply beautiful in that dainty little dress of hers? 

I smile to think of her, loving dresses just like me. 

Friends, Channah has a family coming to bring her home from that orphanage!

They are going to bring her home to a  life full of love and hope...and the chance to wear dresses every single day if she so chooses. :) 

But they can't do it alone! Her family is planning an auction to fundraise...would you be willing to donate any items to this auction? It could be anything, handmade, store bought, lightly used...
 Leave a comment and I'd love to help you send it to Channah's family. 

Here is a link to her profile on Reece's Rainbow:

More important than any donation, however, are your prayers. Please pray for this precious girl as she waits...and pray for her family as they work to bring her home.

Thank you, wonderful Readers!! 
Your Blogger,


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