Sunday, October 6, 2013


Dear Readers,

Do you know what the Spanish word for 'smile' is?

It's 'sonrisa'. Don't you just love that? 
It makes me think of the English word 'sunrise'...which is so perfect because a smile really is just like a sunrise.
I want to do a post for each of my Argentine siblings, and thought I would start with Isabella.
So of course this post has to do with smiles. Because Isabella always has a smile on her face.

Dear Isabella,
I had so much fun with you while I was in your home! Thank you for welcoming me in and for showing me so much love! Even though it had been a year since you had last seen me, you were so precious to me. You are such a blessing.
We did so many fun things together that I am so thankful for. 

This is one of my favorite pictures. :) 
One of my favorite things we did together was reading "La vaca Luluz". You would get so excited about this book and were so patient with me when I didn't know how to pronounce the words! We laughed a lot over that book. 

You loved my suitcase. Some times you would lie down on it, and other times you would rummage through all the silly things I had inside. You found the Minnie Mouse I had for you! You were absolutely adorable--you gave out an excited shout and took Minnie with you everywhere you went from then on. 

You loved my camera! Once, you were upset, but when I pulled my camera out you immediately turned toward me and posed, a huge smile on your face. I have so many pictures of you!!

Isabella, you fill my heart with joy. I love you so much! 
 Thank you for loving everyone with all of your heart! Thank you for your hugs, kisses, and sweet laughter. I feel so blessed to get to watch you grow up, and I know the Lord is going to do (and is already doing!) amazing things through you. Keep smiling, beautiful girl! 

 Your sister Claire :) 

I hope you, my readers, have a wonderful week...and I hope you find a reason to smile as Isabella does! 
Your Blogger,

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