Saturday, February 2, 2013

Argentina 2013...and what it means to me.

Dear Readers,

Last summer my Mom, brothers, and I stepped on a plane bound for Argentina. We had no idea what Argentina would be like, little idea what we would be doing there, and certainly no connection to the country itself. It was just the destination at the end of our flight. We were very excited to get there, and thankful to the Lord for this opportunity to serve Him on a mission trip, but there was nothing particularly special about the country itself. We didn't really know much about it. 

But now.
Now, when I see mention of Argentina in History, or the newspaper, my eyes leap to the article. I thoroughly examine it, taking in every minute detail. 

Now, when I hear Spanish, I whip around to find who's speaking the beautiful language. 

Now, my heart skips about ten beats at the thought of going back to Argentina. 

Argentina means so much to me. 

It means hugging that sweet baby (pictured above) and his family. 

It means seeing all of the friends we made there again.

It means going to La Puerta Abierta (the church in Buenos Aires) again...

And having Dulce de Leche multiple times a day (smile)

It means about a gazillion hugs because now I know just how far away Buenos Aires and Phoenix feel

It means savoring each moment, because you never know when you will be able to travel there again

It means thanking the Lord for His goodness in allowing me to be back every moment I'm there.

It means getting absolutely no sleep...
and enjoying every minute you're awake

Did I mention getting to hold this little boy again? Because of all the things that going back to Argentina mean...

That is what makes my heart sigh the most. 

Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with this incredible opportunity to return to Argentina in 2013.

Although I am looking forward to it more than I can say, I am also anxious to leave my family. Very anxious. 

My wonderful Readers, I would so appreciate your prayers in this! Please be praying for me as I fundraise and then travel to Argentina (my heart just skipped another beat!), and for my family as Benjamin has surgery in May. Also, please be praying for the precious people of Argentina! 
I am ever grateful for you. 

Your Blogger,

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  1. Yayayayay!! So, SO happy for you!! I know God will richly bless you this trip as He did last. :D