Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Her life is no mistake.

"The other side of the world....she's just a few days old...a helpless little girl, with no family of her own. She is not to blame for the journey she is on. Her life is no mistake.
                                                Won't you lead her to my cross?

  Won't you be my voice calling?....won't you be my hands healing?...won't you be my feet walking, into a broken world?... Won't you be my chain breaker?... Won't you be my peacemaker?... Won't you be my hope and joy?
                                                         Won't you be my love?"
 ~Mercy Me's Won't You Be My Love

Dear Readers,
  Above are two pictures of Marla, a five year old listed on Reece's Rainbow. She has Cerebral Palsy and faces imminent transfer to a mental institution.  I can't even write I'm just staring at her picture wishing I could scoop her up and hold her close.  My arms are getting that achy feeling I get so often when I look at these kids' profiles...tears are blurring my vision and going to stop before I just burst into tears.  It's not fair that she is lying there alone, about to go to a mental institution where she will probably die. It's just not fair. We aren't allowed to say that phrase in my house, but there is nothing else TO say as I look at her picture...This child deserves so much more than this. So much more.
    Won't you be Christ's love and commit to pray for sweet Marla?
There are so many orphans around the world...and yet even though this earth and its people have failed them, God hasn't. He cares deeply about each of these I feel it is important to pray not just a blessing over "all the orphans of the world", but to pray for individuals, also. Let Marla's story hurt your heart. Cry over her. Don't just generalize this group of children and not let your heart be touched. They are real, they are living. Show them someone still cares.
Your Blogger,
Dear Marla.
  Please know that your life is not a mistake. There is One who loves you so much...He loves you more than anything else in the world! He cares for you so much He was even willing to die for you. And even though you may feel alone right now, I need you to know that you are not. Your Heavenly Father is with you always...He's there when you hurt, and He's holding your hand as you cry. He cheers for you  when you experience joy, and waits for the day when you will be back in His Arms again. He's using you, even now as you lay in that crib, for His Glory. You are touching the hearts of those around you and those around the world who see your picture. Don't lose hope, precious girl, and remember that you are a treasured child of the King! You are important and you are loved.
Much love,

One more note... here is a devotion from Joni and Friends that I felt related to Marla and all the other children listed on Reece's Rainbow...


Ryan Leads the Way
Therefore, my brothers, you whom I love and long for, my joy and crown, that is how you should stand firm in the Lord, dear friends! Philippians 4:1
Ryan Mazza is a profoundly disabled man who lives in a care center. He was born with Crouzon's syndrome and has endured countless setbacks which have left him blind, mentally disabled, paralyzed, and unable to feed himself. But he can hear. He loves the sound of his father's voice - especially when his dad reads to him from the Bible. In fact, his father used to work as senior American executive for the Suzuki Motor Company located near Ryan's care center - many times the nurse would call Doug Mazza out of a meeting: "We are having trouble getting Ryan to eat his lunch... would you please come over? He'll respond to you!" No matter if it was a top management meeting or a marketing presentation, Doug was out-the-door to go help his son. To this day, Doug reflects, "No one has impacted me more for Christ than Ryan." This young man inspires not only Doug, but thousands who hear his story.
Does this make Ryan nothing more than an audio-visual aid in the hands of a utilitarian God who only uses him for inspiring others? Are Ryan's severe hardships merely "object lessons" from which we can learn? What does Ryan stand to gain? Plenty! What others gain from observing Ryan's sweet attitude gets credited to his eternal account (Philippians 1:25).
Almighty God notices when Ryan's life encourages others - if they profit, Ryan gains. If his dad is rewarded, Ryan reaps. Ryan's "joy and crown" are people who are blessed by his example. Think of the crowns being reserved for Ryan Mazza! By the way, his father left Suzuki years ago... N. Douglas Mazza serves as our President at the Joni and Friends International Disability Center. And, yes, Ryan keeps leading the way.
Lord Jesus, I need this perspective in my life. I pray for all the "Ryans" who are persevering through pain - thank you for the rewards they'll receive in heaven for inspiring people like me.

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  1. I am so grateful for you and our shared love of these treasure of God. I continue to pray..and cry with you for amazing families to step forward. Love your heart!