Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy summer, y'all.

At Bearizona...
Dear Readers,
Summer is always one of my favorite times of the year. Whether we are home while Mason recovers from surgery, or out and about traveling, my parents always seem to find a way to make each summer one to remember. This summer we were blessed with the opportunity to spend two weeks on a mission trip in Argentina...and then to celebrate Uncle Len's graduation by taking him on the long-awaited L.E.G.G. (Len's extravagant graduation gift, haha!)
After all of our wonderful travels, it was nice to come home and just be.
This past Monday my parents made yet another amazing memory for our summer. We spontaneously went to Flagstaff for the day! While we were at a birthday party, my dad went home and packed. Then- surprise!- we drove up and spent the night in a hotel. I was so surprised and glad to be there with my Dad (he has a clinic and is up there every month) that it didn't matter that the clothes he packed for me was a white t-shirt, haha.
Mom took us out to Bearizona, which is incredible. Bears, bison, wolves, bighorn sheep, and burros came right up to our car!

Picture courtesy of Carol Shrader :)
A summary of our amazingly spontaneous day in Flagstaff!
Then we hung out the rest of the day....going to Starbucks and Barnes & Noble, reading in the park, searching for (and finding!) our dear friend, Kate...and finally picking Dad up again and driving down the mountain.  Flagstaff will forever feel like "summer" to me!!

I just realized that I never posted pictures of our L.E.G.G. trip!! Part of the reason for this would be that my camera was having technical-difficulties during the trip, and another reason would be because 99 % of these pictures are silly ones of my family and I. Aren't those the best? :)
The hotel we stayed at was whimsical and relaxing....

Here's Cate with her favorite, Marie! This girl LOVES Paris. Ooh-la-la!

What would a trip be without a TON of funny self portraits??

I liked this one...


take two...

My all-time favorite show!!

more these people!


My two favorite princesses!

On Castaway Cay...ahh, the beach!

A bit overcast, but still beautiful!

haha! Whenever we waited for the show to begin, we would take silly pictures

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So. There you have it--our summer in a nutshell. It's been crazy, busy, fun, life-changing, and relaxing all rolled into one. I hope your summer has been the same!
Now, onto the homeschool convention, and a new school year!
Much love,
Your Blogger Claire

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