Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ringing in the new year!!

Dear Readers,
  We recently came home from Florida. It was so amazing to see all the MAROON!
  The bulldogs won the game, too! Actually - we schmooshed Michigan! There was a point, though, when we had clearly gotten a touchdown and the referee was challenging it. I took a picture that proved we were in the inzone, and would have gladly shown it to the referee if necessary. He, however, came to his senses and found the truth of the matter. I felt like it was MY touchdown!

   We had an amazing time in Jacksonville. We met with sweet friends, watched that amazing game, and reminsced about the 3 months we lived there. We met with our Sunday school teacher, Mr.Gary , who made our day by coming and visiting at Panera. And then we drove away in our huge accessible van with it's runway lights to visit Harry Potter. We had a great time at Universal as well. No, it's not Disney, but Dad and I laughed and laughed on the 'One fish, two fish' ride. (We're not too good at following instructions and ended up soaked!)  And we marveled at the thrilling Harry Potter ride and VERY realistic Hogwarts Castle.
   It was all so realistic - from the butterbeer and pumpkin juice to the storefronts and owl post.

  I  also  loved  the rustic and old fashioned feel of the place. Later,we ate at Bubba Gump and Tchoup Chop,  which were both delicious. But for me, the best part wasn't winning the game, ( though that helped!)  or riding rides (still a ton of fun!), but that we had several days just to be a family.   Your blessed blogger,
 Please read: this trip was so much fun, I felt that words can't do it justice. And, they really didn't. That's why I made it short - in order to include loads of pictures worth 1,000 words. Blogger, however, isn't working properly  and I have to post this without photos. But never fear - I'll   post again with all 880 pictures I took! 

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